Franciscan Sisters Experience Mexico Greenhouse and Christmas Party

by fscc on December 20, 2015

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers shares a recent visit of the Sisters serving in Tucson, AZ to Mexico at the Fisher Family Greenhouse business and Christmas Party for employees.

At the invitation of the family of Alejandra Fisher the Sisters at San Xavier had the unique experience of traveling to Imuris and Terranato, Mexico. Alejandra is a young woman who participated in Camp Franciscan and is currently discerning her vocation with us. Alejandra’s father, Carlos, began a Greenhouse Business specializing in grafting seedlings for watermelon, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. The Greenhouse employs over 150 people from all around Mexico. They have trained the people to do the delicate grafting of the seedlings; they are the only Greenhouse in North America doing this type of grafting.Franciscan Sisters and Alejandra's familyThe Sisters were privileged to receive a tour of the entire process of the planting of the seeds, to the germination of the plants, to the delicate grafting, to the time of nurturing the five hundred thousand plants preparing them for exportation to farms in Mexico. These plants are organic and stronger which produce more yields. The process is about a six week cycle. The cleanliness and care the workers have is impressive. This is a reflection of the dignity, just wages, and humane Christian values Carlos believes and practices as an employee.Franciscan Sisters wrapped up for tourUpon arriving, after a lengthy wait to cross the border, the Sisters enjoyed a delicious meal, appreciated the tour and were invited to help wrap 150  Christmas gifts for the workers! It was a joyful endeavor which culminated in a Christmas fiesta! The Sisters were happy to help serve the delicious meal alongside the Fisher family honoring the hardworking men and women and their families. As the band played, the gifts were shared; then came time for the piñata! Sister Monica even had a chance to break it open and get the candy! The day ended with God’s blessing of a beautiful sunset and the drive back to the U.S. with the Fisher family!  Franciscan Sister Carla and Alejandra wrapping giftsSee more pictures here:

3 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Experience Mexico Greenhouse and Christmas Party”

  1. Sister Theresa says:

    What an interesting experience and a wonderful witness to the employees that you met. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience. This must be the place the raffled bicycle for the employee’s children to ride went to. Nice to see so many pictures!

  3. Sister Carla says:

    This was a wonderful experience. Alejandra’s family is so wholesome and loving. I enjoyed the whole trip. What Carlos has developed is amazing and all his workers are treated so well. At the fiesta children were with their parents. Carlos provides daycare so the families can stay together. I t gave me some hope for Mexico. The news is so often negative.

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