Franciscan Advent Wreath Includes a Father’s Hand

by Sister Julie Ann on December 19, 2015

Our Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse Advent Wreath is unique.  The wreath has the 4 traditional candles of 3 purple and 1 pink, but it also has a manger filled with straw. Ken Turba, father of Sister Elaine Turba, crafted the manger. It certainly is a special symbol of love.

Ken TurbaBut why add a manger? It helps focus us even more vividly on the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus.  St. Francis liked this kind of practical spirituality help.

In 1223, he asked a friend to help him create a live manger scene for Christmas. As the townspeople gathered at the site, St. Francis sang and spoke about the Baby Jesus. One of the faithful saw St. Francis cradling Jesus in his arms. Since that night, the Christmas crib has become an important part of Christmas traditions

Including this symbol in our Advent preparations, we, unite ourselves with St. Francis and look forward to the Feast of the Incarnation with great joy.manger for Franciscan Sisters Advent Wreath Display

2 thoughts on “Franciscan Advent Wreath Includes a Father’s Hand”

  1. Having seen and enjoyed the carpentry of Mr. Turba in other wonderful projects it is a gift to see this beautifully inspired wreath with the crib! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us Mr. Turba!

  2. Sister Sue Ann Hall says:

    What a beautiful thought and addition to the Advent wreath. With the commercial world peppering us with Christmas buying so early each year, the candles and manger help to focus us better. Thank you Mr. Turba. Sister Sue Ann

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