20 Something Song: ’20 Something’ by Katie Trotta

by Sister Julie Ann on September 1, 2015

Perceptively exploring the concerns and challenges of ’20 somethings’ in this month of September, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are grateful to feature Katie Trotta’s song 20 Something. Enjoy a free download. Help us begin a thoughtful discussion at the beginning of a new semester. Katie’s own words invite further dialogue.

Living in a world where we get a front seat view into other people’s lives through things like social media can make the pressure to figure out who you are and what you are doing with your life feel so much heavier than it should.  Your twenties are supposed to be a time to test the waters, dive deep into exploring what makes you tick as a person, and come out the other end going “Wow, I know who I am and what I want!”.  Or, at least that’s what I thought your twenties were supposed to be.

20 Something by Kathy TrottaI wrote ‘Twenty Something’ when I was 27.  If someone had told me when I was a teenager that at 27 years old, I would still be single, struggling with my career, and still wondering how everything was going to work out… I would have laughed in your face.  At 27 you are supposed to have it down!  You are supposed to be living the life you dreamt about!  You are supposed to have a handle on things!  I mean, just look at the 27 years old on Facebook!  They know what they’re doing!  Enter the question: Is it just me?  Am I the only one who feels this lost?

Through writing ‘Twenty Something’ and playing it at shows, I have learned one of the best and most important lessons of my life.  Everyone feels lost at times.  No one feels like they have a completely firm grip on their life.  We are all taking it day by day.  And that is okay.

Your twenties are such a beautiful, chaotic, wonderful time in your life.  If you don’t have it all figure out by the end of it… don’t worry.  You are not alone. – Katie Trotta


Franciscan Sisters feature KatieTrottaAbout Katie Trotta

After eight years, three states, and four independent releases, Katie Trotta found a new home in Nashville, TN at the beginning of 2012.  Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, Trotta graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, spent a few years in the ‘live music capitol’ of Austin, TX and eventually made her way to ‘music city USA’… all the while honing her craft of piano-driven, heartfelt pop songs.
Trotta’s first year in Nashville was marked by several new songs, countless writer’s rounds, and a new record titled ‘Twenty Something’. Teaming with producers, Eli Chastain and Jason Miller, ‘Twenty Something’ is Trotta’s fifth independent release and her first full length, fully produced album made possible by a Kickstarter campaign. Featuring songs about stumbling through relationships, growing up, and figuring out what you want out of life, ‘Twenty Something’ was written through the perspective of Trotta’s experiences going through her twenties but is relatable for anyone at any age. Sticking with the honest approach of writing, Trotta’s team wanted to take the same approach for recording. ‘Twenty Something’ was recorded to two inch tape with a strict “no auto-tune” rule and the desire to have an organic recording process. The talents of Nir Z (drums), Steve Mackey (bass), and Anthony LaMarchina (cello) of the Nashville Symphony joined Trotta to record at Bryan White’s Shmowland Studios in Brentwood, TN.


Johnny got married and Jenny’s got a baby on the way
and I just heard that Joe got a new job
Julie won the lottery and Jason’s out on vaca in some new exotic hot spot
but where am I

I’m lost in the middle of twenty something
spinning my wheels, barely moving, watching this world pass me by
I’ve been trying to get a grip on this life I’m leading
just trying to make it make sense
can someone throw me a line out in the middle of twenty something

when I was little and big dreams filled up my heart
when I still had stars in my eyes
I mapped out every step in my foolproof plan of where I’d be by this time
but somewhere along the way all the stars began to fade

I’m lost in the middle of twenty something
spinning my wheels, barely moving, watching this world pass me by
I’ve been trying to get a grip on this life I’m leading
just trying to make it make sense
can someone throw me a line out in the middle of twenty something

something tells me I’m not alone out here
am I alone out here
are you out here

lost in the middle of twenty something
spinning my wheels, barely moving, watching this world pass me by
I’ve been trying to get a grip on this life I’m leading
just trying to make it make sense
can someone throw me a line out in the middle of twenty something




8 thoughts on “20 Something Song: ’20 Something’ by Katie Trotta”

  1. Franciscan Postulant Mary says:

    “It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; He is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you.” Pope John Paul II spoke these words at World Youth Day in 2000. He was speaking to young people, people just beginning to discover their life’s purpose and vocation. Those threshold moments in life are often moments of fear or anxiety as we worry about making the “right choice.” It often seems like everyone else around us already has their life figured out, and we begin to feel this pressure to figure things out ourselves. At least that’s how I felt during my final years of college as I was approaching graduation. During moments like that we search and we search for what it is that will give our life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Yet so often we search in the wrong places, we search for the wrong things, we hope for too little. Pope John Paul II reminds us that ultimately, it is Jesus that we seek when we dream of happiness. He is the only One that will give our life fulfillment, meaning, and finally, peace.

  2. Sr. Hannah says:

    Katie’s song is great! The confusion about what direction to take in life is something many young people experience. In the song Katie writes that she has a feeling she is not alone. She is right, not just because many people in their twenties experience this feeling, but also because God is powerfully in these moments where we feel confusion and no clear direction. It is there God asks us just to keep walking with Him or to walk even closer with Him. Then later, maybe weeks, maybe years, we see the grace He worked and how it prepared us for the present. Imagine a blanket gently wrapped around you. Even over your head. That blanket is like God wrapped around us in those moments of unclarity. We can’t see through the blanket, but we are wrapped and protected in God’s goodness.

  3. Sister Nancy Kinate says:

    Even though Katie’s song is written from the perspective of “Twenty Something”, I think the experience of feeling adrift happens whenever on our journey we fail to hang out to and daily anchor ourselves in a growing and maturing relationship with God made flesh in Jesus and in our communities of faith. Jesus is with us, but we sometimes forget this mystery/reality, become fearful, and feel alone. In “Twenty Something”, Katie expresses such wisdom because she asks: “Can someone throw me a line…” God and others provide so many lines for us to “get a grip on this life I’m leading”; it is ours, like Katie, to recognize we are “not alone out here”, express our need, and look to God and others to “throw a line”.

  4. C. says:

    Pretty much the exact thoughts that run thru any 20 something year old’s mind. Very relateable.

  5. A. says:

    Hit very close to home and I am sure many others will relate to the state of the unknown that comes with being in your 20’s.

  6. M. says:

    Song was really meaningful!!) Thank you for sharing!

  7. A. says:

    The song 20 Something described my life. It Is a great description of my feelings and emotions.

  8. Lily says:

    at this time,I am awake thinking about my directions in life….carrying my cross daily to follow my Jesus… suffering and pains…this is just my life and woo…I come across this site…now I know I am not alone. Jesus feels our pains also…thanks for this piece,,,,I can now sleep peacefully.

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