Franciscan Sister Image: Mt 14:22-33

by Sister Julie Ann on August 12, 2015

Here’s Franciscan Sister images that illustrate the ‘stormy boat’ scene of Mt 14: 22-33.

First, listen to our song of the month, How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat by Amy Speace. Then reflect on these images from Franciscan Sister Hannah Johnecheck of St. Peter Mission Church, Bapchule, AZ. .

Franciscan Sister Image Peter and Stormy boat2

Can you picture yourself in the stormy boat?

Franciscan Sister Image Peter and Stormy boat

Contemplate times when you have felt like Peter. Keep your own eyes on Jesus!

One thought on “Franciscan Sister Image: Mt 14:22-33”

  1. annemarielom says:

    Yes, keeping our eyes on Jesus is always a good practice, but especially in a stormy boat… stormy times. Thanks to Sister Hannah for sending the photos from St. Peter Mission Church. Great reminder for the Song of the Month!

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