Arizona Camp Franciscan Reunion

by Sister Julie Ann on August 26, 2015

Camp Franciscan was over 60 days ago, but the spirit of this Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity event continues. Relationships were formed and a unity of prayer and support is real among our Sisters and the young women who were campers.

Franciscan Sisters and Camp Franciscan campers

Recently, our Sisters at San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ had a Camp Franciscan Reunion. Beginning with prayer, there was lots of laughter and sharing around the dinner table. Campers are making plans to visit our Sisters at Immaculate Conception Convent, Yuma, AZ. They look forward to renewing their friendship with Postulant Mary Bettag and checking out how her student teaching is progressing.

Franciscan Sisters and campers around San Xavier Convent dinner table

5 thoughts on “Arizona Camp Franciscan Reunion”

  1. Sr. Catherine Gilles says:

    Glad you had a chance to do this in your busy schedules!

  2. annemarielom says:

    What a great idea to have a reunion of Campers! Looks like the celebration included a birthday besides. Please give my greetings to any of these young ladies when you see them. I was happy to share with them in the Leadership section.
    I pray your “new year” is off to a blessed beginning.

  3. er Ann Joachim says:

    Blessings on your year as you teach and live with our Sisters.

  4. Sister Jan says:

    Happy to see all of you … a distance.

  5. Sister Carla says:

    We had a lovely evening with the ladies and look forward to another opportunity to get together.

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