Franciscan Sisters Own Summer Heritage Tours

by Sister Julie Ann on July 21, 2015

This summer Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity hosted our own Heritage Tours for Community members and our Motherhouse employees and their families. Archivist Sister Caritas Strodthoff and special event planner Sister Anne Turba researched our past Sisters’ annals and organized not only inside, but outside scenes to grow in appreciation of our precious Community history.

Franciscan Sisters Heritage Days in Manitowoc WIIn the oldest cemetery some of our current members re-inacted the lives of some of our  first founding Sisters. Of course, this meant  wearing our original habit. Auto-biographical tales became believable and heaven touched earth in a very real way.  Vocation calls became common language and the wonderful support of family and friends was retold.  Ordinary, yet determined, faith-filled women talked of becoming followers of St. Francis’ Gospel way. Local Manitowoc history was also relived while recounting tales of our early neighbors.

Franciscan Sisters Inside Heritage Day ToursInside our convent home, basic facts of space utilization throughout the ages was illustrated with photos. Sister guides recounted how the building changed with the needs of the Sisters. While an early fire gutted out the original Motherhouse, reconstruction and continued renovation keeps our home simple, yet purpose-filled. Enjoy our many photos.

10 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Own Summer Heritage Tours”

  1. Sister Marlene says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to experience some of the past community history.

  2. Sister Mariadele says:

    I enjoyed portraying Sister Evangelist and sharing her life with our Sisters.

  3. Sister Jessica says:

    Well Done. Appreciated being able to see the pictures. Made me appreciate our past and present community even more, with hope for the future.

  4. Sister Annette Kurey says:

    Thank you Sisters for a wonderful time to remember and celebrate our Sisters, past and present. These were great days!

  5. Sister Theresa says:

    Thanks to all who made these days possible! The stories from our early Sisters and the history of our building were very interesting and provided material for lots of good conversations in between. The heritage days were a highlight of the summer!

  6. Karen Wettstein says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. Sr. Elaine talked about this when I was there Saturday. Brings back childhood memories of my early grade school years when the sisters wore these dresses and habits.

  7. Fr. Placid Stroik, OFM says:

    It was a life giving and life expanding experience to take the hours on the first Heritage Sunday, and be present once again to life in the making. Very encouraging to live life fully now. Fr. Placid

  8. annemarielom says:

    I am very grateful for all the love, time and energy that went into this project. I learned so much about our “early days” and look forward to more learning in the future.

  9. Fr. Placid Stroik, OFM says:

    Thanks. Certainly brings the experience of others who lived the Gospel then to stay alive by giving inspiration for today’s Gospel Living.

  10. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    It was an honor to be part of the Heritage Days by portraying Sister Lumena Laracey. What struck me about the experience was the keen interest of both our Sisters as well as the Lay Employees. In so many ways, history is a compilation of individual stories woven into a collective memory. Remembering the past is a powerful way to renew the spirit of our origins. “Tradition is not so much saving the ashes as rekindling the flame.”

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