Franciscan Sisters Support Newly Ordained

by Sister Julie Ann on June 9, 2015

While Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity prayed for Father Edward Looney during his seminary days, were present for his ordination day, we continue our support in the future. How? Sister Pamela Biehl will be serving with the Diocese of Green Bay newly ordained at St. Mary Parish, Omro and St. Mary Parish, Winneconne. Sister Pam is the Pastoral Coordinator of these two faith communities. Franciscan Sisters support newly ordained Father Edward

In recent years, Sister Pam has worked side by side with other priests in their early years of ministry. She is grateful for the ministry relationships she continues to have with these priests: Father Carol Schmitt, Father Jason Blahnik, Father Luke Ferris and Father Michael Warden. Flexibility, adaptability and pastorly care are gifts that she hopes to model in her own day to day interactions with God’s people.

Sister Regina Rose Pearson who serves in various roles of need, is also blessed to serve in both parishes. Together our Sisters witness the Gospel joyfully.

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  1. annemarielom says:

    Thank you for publicizing our Community’s support of priests, especially the newly ordained. We’ve all known those first years of “learning” our ministry. To give back to others is a great joy and privilege!

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