Flying Franciscan Sister is Remembered

by Sister Julie Ann on June 7, 2015

Near by Sheboygan Press media recounts our Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Aquinas Kinskey’s flying escapades, but more so her enjoyment of interacting with her students while responding to a real need at a certain time in history.

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One thought on “Flying Franciscan Sister is Remembered”

  1. Sr. Catherine Gilles says:

    How interesting and nice to see this today. The only article I had recently seen published about Sr. Aquinas is in a 2013 Czech magazine. It is written by Boleslav Vrany, Ph.D. Here’s the story behind that. Vrany, a young Christian want-to-be scientist was becoming discouraged from pursuing his dream because “Believers couldn’t be scientists; it’s contradictory to religion! Believers would do better to be social workers.” He had heard that there was a Sister Aquinas who was a biology teacher at some university. His Google search for her, led him to our Sister Aquinas Kinskey whose story really opened his world. Now that he as completed his doctoral degree, one of his aims is to publish as many articles as he can about Christian scientists. Sister Aquinas was the subject of his first article – very well researched, by the way.

    I became aware of this story because he contacted Silver Lake College for information and I was curious enough about him to email him, thank him for his interest and request, and open a little further conversation.

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