Franciscan Spring Break Quilting Party

by Sister Julie Ann on March 21, 2015

During Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity-sponsored Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Spring Break, some of our Sisters, International Sister Students and a young woman from China also attending SLC, joined a group of quilters in St. Anna, WI.

Franciscan Sisters and all at quilting adventure

Here women get together twice a week during the months of January, February and March at the home of Lydia and Ken Turba, parents of our Sister Elaine Turba,  to work on these hand-made items. When completed,  the warm bundles are shipped through the Salvatorian Warehouse, St. Nazianz, WI to places of need throughout the world.

It was good to be part of a ministry that women have been doing in church groups for almost two centuries. A supportive sharing of conversation and handiwork, it is also a practical way of responding to real need.

2 thoughts on “Franciscan Spring Break Quilting Party”

  1. Sster Adrianna says:

    What a fun and Franciscan time. Knowing that their enjoyment will bring warmth and comfort to others is a gift. God bless each of you for sharing in this ministry.

  2. annemarielom says:

    It seems so Franciscan to be practically involved in meeting a need and experiencing companionship with like-minded others. Thank you for this colorful posting promoting Franciscan values!

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