Franciscan Sisters Sponsor Diocese of Tucson Conference

by fscc on March 13, 2015

Franciscan Sister Leonette Kochan comments on a recent Diocese of Tucson Co-Workers Conference.

Franciscan Sisters sponsor Diocese of Tucson ConferenceWe are all coming down from a high after the Co-Workers in the Vineyard Conference last weekend.  It was wonderful.   And we, the Franciscans, are very proud of our community’s role in helping to sponsor and for our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity  booth hosted at the conference.  Sister Mary Ann did a great job in designing our booth,  our ad was prominent in the program book, and our logo was both posted outside the sessions we sponsored and in the book beside those sessions.

Bishop Kicanas’ response to the event:

Franciscan Sisters sponsors at Diocese of Tucson Conference“Last weekend, our diocese celebrated its Co-Workers in the Vineyard Conference, with the theme “We are a people of Faith, Hope and Charity”. It was an amazing, uplifting experience of workshops and messages to renew and inspire us in the love of God . Everywhere I went I saw Catholics from all around our Diocese learning together, praying together, laughing together and enjoying one another’s company.

What a great conference!

I am so proud of the work done by the conference planning committee- it was no small task creating the beautiful conference – by the Pastoral Center staff, by all the amazing volunteers and by all those that attended the conference. About 2000 people from across our diocese attended the event beginning Thursday evening and concluding Saturday afternoon.

From Dr. Carolyn Woo, “Your diocese should write a manual on how to put on conferences because this one is exceptional”

True to form, our Bishop was outstanding as lead keynote speaker at the opening on Thursday.  Both Fr. Robert Barron and Dr. Carolyn Woo, the other two keynoters, quoted him frequently.

Franciscan Sister Leonette at Diocese of Tucson Conference

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Sponsor Diocese of Tucson Conference”

  1. annemarielom says:

    How exciting to be part of such a venture. Loved looking at the pictures and reading the commentary by Sister Leonette.

  2. Sister Carla says:

    This conference had been on my calendar for two years and it was all that I hoped it would be. It was the Church of Tucson at it’s best.
    An experience of the Conference that haunts me was praying the Migrant Stations of the Cross. The Stations were planks of rough wood standing upright with a small table in front of them. Objects left in the desert by migrants were displayed on the table and on the floor. Stories of real people accompanied the prayers. The Eighth Station especially struck me .All the objects were women’s treasures and clothing. A quote from the reflection says, “Many human smugglers consider rape a part of the “price of admission” for women and young girls entering the US along the US-Mexico border.” I kept a Memorial card of Josseline Quinteros a sixteen year-old from El Salvador found dead in the Arizona desert. We have much to do yet!

  3. Powerful reflection, Sister Carla. I’m glad you shared it.

  4. Sr. Catherine Gilles says:

    One of the best conferences I have attended. Something educational and inspirational for all Catholics in the diocese.

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