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by Sister Julie Ann on October 18, 2014

If you are desiring to know the life of two Franciscan Sisters reflecting on lives of ministry, community, and simplicity, you will want to watch for future postings of PastorallyPondering.

Sister Pamela Biehl and Sister Regina Rose Pearson share about their experiences at St. Mary Parish, Winneconne, WI and St. Mary Parish, Omro, WI, as well as their lives at Visitation Convent, Oshkosh, WI and beyond. Here’s a tidbit from their 2 latest posts.

October 6, 2014Franciscan Sister Regina Rose and Sister Pam Biehl

Tom Douglas, renowned Seattle chef, says ” Cooks throw recipes and menus together and scramble for virtuosity while bakers carefully measure their way to deliciousness.”  How right he is!  However, the presence of both a cook and a baker in our compact kitchen has inspired Sr. Pam and I to take up the challenge of creating fabulous feasts for friends and family- the parish one, that is. Read more…

September 15, 2014

After two months in a new place and with all our boxes neatly stowed or secretly stashed away, we (Sister Pam Biehl and I, Sister Regina Rose Pearson)  decided that now would be our best chance of introducing everyone to the new convent on the block. Visitation Convent , on a quiet corner just off Hwy 41 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the site of a new adventure which, so far,  has been loaded with new people, new routines, and new reasons to laugh. And trust me, there is plenty of fun and laughter! It seems that our philosophy of life is going to be work hard, play hard! Read more.


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