Franciscan Sisters Celebrate St. Joseph Parish Centennial

by Sister Julie Ann on October 8, 2014

Franciscans find church centennials a joy to celebrate. A number of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who served at St. Joseph Parish, Green Bay, WI received invitations for a recent liturgy, open house and reception.

Franciscan Sister Elaine and St. Joe's students and parentTrue delight was experienced when meeting former students and/or their parents. Opportunities to revisit former classroom settings or seeing new spaces e.g. the Holy Ground Café added additional goodness to the evening.

The Parish Centennial Prayer was a powerful testament to the event:

Gatherer of All Good Memories, the spirits of many ancestors join us here in this sacred place of St. Joseph Parish. We have come to celebrate a history to gather the memories of many decades…We thank you Gracious God, for our faith, and for this place of worship and community, which has nourished many souls, and provided a source of nurturing faith for all who came seeking spiritual life.

May we leave here filled with hope, knowing that the people of St. Joseph believed in your constant Presence, accepted your Grace, shared your Love, and celebrated your Life with one another. Amen (adapted from a prayer by Joyce Rupp)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this event. A parish centennial is a powerful witness to parishioners faith and steadfast commitment to parish life and growth in the faith. I really like the prayer!

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