Find Peace in Franciscans Downtown

by fscc on September 18, 2014

Recently, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity dropped in at Franciscans Downtown, a place of peace and connection that believes that ‘Everyone Is a Story….” Franciscan Sister Elaine and others at Franciscans DowntownInterested in such a destination? Found at 1000 Main St., Stevens Point, WI-across from Library, this corner space has a mission of presence for all. It has space for personal reflection, books and media to use on site or borrow, two floors of meeting space with free friar Father Placid Stroik’s cookies and coffee, tea and water. Conversation is encouraged allowing for real stories to be told.Franciscans Downtown You will find people of all ages there. We did. We met a young woman attending UWSP, a caring couple wise in raising a family, an avid reader, a dedicated host who has served people in church and secular settings who is himself taking a class to broaden his own perspectives, etc.. Besides all the inspiration on the walls and in the many books, people are the foundation of this worthwhile stopping point in Stevens Point. Franciscan Friars of the Assumption of the BVM Province are sponsoring this ministry of presence. Read MorePlace of peace and refreshment

2 thoughts on “Find Peace in Franciscans Downtown”

  1. Thank you for featuring this new ministry of our “Franciscan brothers” from Pulaski. May the “Word” spread like wildfire!

  2. Sister Mary Frances Maher says:

    Now that we have seen pictures of the friars’ new place for R & R, we have a better idea of what everything looks like. It’s been interesting to hear Father Placid tell us about their new venture. We are excited for you! God bless you in all you are and do.

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