One Way Serrans Support Catholic Women Religious

by Sister Julie Ann on August 22, 2014

Manitowoc, WI has a Local Serran Group which is drawing new members. They also like to involve high school students in their own outreach projects in showing support for Catholic Women Religious.

Franciscan Sisters were guests of the Manitowoc Serrans

One such time was a recent event involving Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, other religious and priests in the area and Roncalli High School students. There were over 100 Sisters alone who signed in at the door.Roncalli Students were guests of the Manitowoc Serrans

Manitowoc Serrans hosted a picnic meal and social at Newton Sportsmen Park. Prayer, lots of camaraderie and good food made the gathering a special time of mutual support for all.

Manitowoc Serrans hosted Franciscan Sisters




2 thoughts on “One Way Serrans Support Catholic Women Religious”

  1. It was a great night of good food, good people and good laughter. I especially liked connecting to Roncalli students and their parents. May the Lord bless and keep those who are so good to religious and priests and may we continue to live the Gospel and serve God’s People.

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Such a delightful, supportive and faith filled group! It is a blessing to be part of this delicious picnic and sharing!

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