Do Franciscan Sisters have Bridal Showers

by Sister Julie Ann on August 5, 2014

It is tradition among the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. The night before perpetual profession there’s a ‘Bride of Christ Shower’ (simple, yet festive reception) for the Sister(s) professing perpetual vows.  Candles and lights helped create a warm atmosphere of joyful sharing on Sister Pamela Catherine’s August 1, 2014 party.

Franciscan Bridal Shower BrideWho comes?

The party is planned by those Sisters in Temporary Vows. Sisters on our  General Administration are invited along with any Sisters who served as a support community for the Sister Pamela Catherine or for the Sisters in Temporary Profession that summer.

What else can one expect?

As you can imagine, it is light-hearted time. Of course, there are some specially chosen snacks. Wrapped mementos tend to be small and practical fitting in with our life as Sisters e.g. thank you cards are appreciative surprises. Some Sisters make hand-made gifts. Cards are full of messages showered with prayerful Sisterly-support.

For Sister Pamela Catherine’s celebration, her blood sister Diane joined in the fun by sending some decorations and other thoughtful, sweet items.


Enjoy a picture gallery.

3 thoughts on “Do Franciscan Sisters have Bridal Showers”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Love the pictures of these beautiful Sisters!

  2. Sister Elaine says:

    What a fun event, filled with many surprises and much love, complete with numerous prayers. God’s continued blessings upon you, Sister Pamela Catherine.

  3. Sister Caritas says:

    Oh, Sr. Pamela Catherine1! I didn’t realize the “Bridal Shower” was a “tradition” already…but it sure brought back memories of my own Reception into the Community. In 1964 and before that time, Postulants wore bridal veils for Reception. During the ceremony, we removed them and placed them at the foot of the Cross of Christ as a sign of giving all worldly goods unto Him, our Spouse. I’m glad to see this tradition still holds on, though in a much different way. Love it!! Happy days to you!!

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