Franciscan Sisters Taste of Social Justice

by Sister Julie Ann on July 11, 2014

After an opening prayer of the ‘Our Father’, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s July 11 2014 evening social justice gathering ‘Justice Matters’ began with creating a recipe. Recipe cards, pens, and 36 words associated with social justice (e.g. economics, relationships, government, service) were distributed and all were asked to chose the words provided or add their own and include amounts. The Holy Family Convent cafeteria included thoughtful pauses and animated conversation. (Watch for comments that reveal table creations.)

Franciscan Sisters driving in the desert highwaysNext, Liam Lawton, Tony Alonso with Chris Silva’s I Am Standing Waiting from Castle of the Soul Songs of Contemplation and Consolation was played with PowerPoint slides depicting our own Sisters living the Gospel in the past and present. During an instrumental interlude of the song, this question was offered for pondering:

What Gospel passage speaks of social justice most clearly to you? Give some examples of you or your Sisters in Community witnessing in your daily lives.

The sharing was powerful. Like  St. Francis, we continue to ask Christ to teach us what is ours to do.Franciscan Sister Mary Ann holding crying child

18 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Taste of Social Justice”

  1. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Into the bowl of Gospel Living place- 2/3 full of right relationships with all creation. Mix equal parts of contemplative prayer, service, volunteerism and action. Sprinkle with pinches of honesty, mercy, compassion, perseverance. Take mixture and fold around issues of healthcare, violence, immigration, education. Bake in God’s hands.

  2. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Begin with 2 quarts of prayer. Add 1 pint Gospel LIving. Sift out violence, racism and prejudice. Add 1/2 cup honesty, mercy, perseverance and equality. Add 1 tsp realistic National View and Global View. Blend with contemplation and an additional 2 quarts prayer.

  3. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    2 quarts of awareness, heaping cup of Gospel Living, 1 cup of equality, bushel of global view, armful of family, sprinkling of mercy, tubful of perseverance.

  4. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    We titled this ‘Just Desserts’.

  5. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Daily honesty, Unending perserverence, eternal volunteerism, quite a bit of ecology, regular and authentic Gospel living, a mountain of awareness/mindfulness, abundant global view, equal education for all, all encompassing rights and responsibilities, infinite mercy and compassion.

  6. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    50 bushels equity and equality, 50 bushels mercy, understanding and compassion.
    Sift in equal amounts of good will, non-judge mentalism, fairness

  7. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    4 lbs of Gospel Living, 3 quarts of awareness, 3 quarts of education, 21/2 lbs service, 2 lbs action, bushel of perseverance, marinade the above with prayer.

  8. Sister Marcolette says:

    The wonderful evening of reflection on the essence of social justice brought to mind the title of a book I heard about at the IHE/SPDG (Institutions of Higher Learning and the State Personnel Development Grant) conference in May. Hey, Little Ant, by Phillip and Hannah Hoose, captures the conversation between two creatures, large and small. It inspires important discussions that might even answer the classic childhood question: To squish or not to squish? It’s a perfect tool to help inspire compassion in our world’s youth, and has a positive message for adults, as well. I will be using the children’s book in the “Civic Engagement and Social Justice” class at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, as a catalyst for examining structures of power.

  9. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Depends on how many this dish is serving!! Gospel Living-lots! Prayer-lots! Relationships-Deep! Global View-wide! Service-big dash! Mercy not condescending or begging God for mercy-sprinkled throughout!

  10. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    A heaping cupful of prayer and awareness, 2 tbs of rights, 3 tbs of education and 2 level cups of perseverance, dot with policies, sprinkle abundantly with mercy.

  11. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    10 cups of Awareness/Education/Issues, 5 cups of prayer/Gospel Living, 4 cups of family, 3 cups of Service/Volunteerism, 1 cup of government

  12. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    6 ups contemplation, 2 cups mercy, 2 cups Immigration, 2 cups healthcare

  13. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    4# relationships with God, others, self, nature; 4# Gospel living; 2# contemplation/prayer; 2# action’ 3#awareness, 3#education

  14. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    We titled this ’18# Cake’.

  15. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Social Justice Cookies: 2 cups Jesus, 1 1/2 cup Francis of Assisi, 11/2 cups Gospel living, mix together 1 1/2 prayerful reflection;1 1/2 cups action, 2 cups mercy, 1 1/2 education-informed and formal, 1 cup relationships

  16. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Lifetime of every ingredient: family prayer, Gospel living, contemplation, mercy, prophecy, awareness, education, action, service, relationships, peace, justice, funding, pro life.

  17. Franciscan Sisters Group Work says:

    Gospel living 24/7, prayer 32 cups, awareness 16 pints, Perseverance 4 quarts, action/awareness 32 cups, contemplation 196 tbs, building relationships 1 gallon, global view 32 cups, understanding of economics 4 quarts, honest government policies 16 pints, education 4 quarts, mercy 196 tbs, family 1 gallon

  18. Sister Kathleen says:

    Thank you to ALL the Sisters who came to share in our “Justice Matters” evening. It was such an experience of joy and hope to see so many so engaged in exploring the Gospel side of justice and peace! Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts, for your time and your presence!

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