Franciscan Free Download: Gonna Be Alright by Mary Castner

by Sister Julie Ann on February 1, 2014

Are you discerning a life’s vocation, a career direction or assessing your relationships with God and others? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to be at peace as you listen and freely download ‘Gonna Be Alright’ by Mesa, AZ artist Mary Castner.

St.-Francis-of-Assisi-and brother wolf-at-Franciscan-Sisters-Immaculate-Conception-Convent-Yuma-AZ-photo-Priscilla-ThomasNaturally this time of the year invites the long view on our unique journeys of faith. Lent is soon here inviting desert-walking with Jesus. This song keeps  St. Francis’ sentiments warm deep in our hearts as he searched for answers:

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. Where there is patience and humility, there is neither anger nor disturbance. Where there is poverty and joy, there is neither greed nor avarice. Where there is rest and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor restlessness. Where there is fear of the Lord to guard an entrance, there the enemy cannot have a place to enter. Where there is a heart full of mercy and discernment, there is neither excess nor hardness of heart.”

About Mary Castner

Born on Thanksgiving Day of 1988, Mary Castner has followed the calling to be a contemporary Christian music artist. Her Roman Catholic upbringing caused her to develop a deep love, not only for the Lord, but also for Christian music. She received great encouragement from her father, Fred Castner, who has worked extensively in the music industry as a guitar luthier at C.F. Martin Guitar Company. During his career he has repaired guitars for such acclaimed musicians as Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, John Mayer, and Sting…just to name a few.

Franciscan Sisters feature Mary Castner's Gonna B AlrightAt age 14, after her parents took her to a Phil Keaggy concert, Mary felt inspired to take up guitar and piano. Not long after, her passion for music overflowed into song writing and recording. With the encouragement of friends and mentors, Mary began sharing her music for the glory of God.

While attending Franciscan University of Steubenville, the university selected her as the 2010-2011 head of Music Ministry. With over 100 liturgical musicans, Mary successfully led one of the nation’s largest music ministry programs. Since 2011 Mary has worked as the Director of Music and Youth Ministry at Christ the King Catholic Church in Mesa, Arizona. Check out her debut album “By Faith”, now available on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.


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21 thoughts on “Franciscan Free Download: Gonna Be Alright by Mary Castner”

  1. Sister June says:

    The lyrics are very appropriate for February with the
    Olympics going on. The lows and highs of the competitors who want to win the
    Gold Medal for their country in skiing, skating, hockey and etc. It takes a
    long time to realize that God is in charge of our day and its events.
    Sister June

  2. CJ says:

    I love this song because it is true about every thing she says. Because God does know what each day brings and everything he gives to us is his Love.

  3. HJ says:

    I like this song because when she sings, “When I’m far and when I’m near, In my lows and in my highs, You are always by my side,” I think that God is always there no matter what problems you are in.

  4. RA says:

    This song is great. It is so cool. I love it. I know my day isn’t going good but until I heard this song it me realize how much some things matter. I like the lines when it says, “Never gonna let my head down,” and the part when it says, “When I’m far and when I’m near, In my lows and in my highs, You are always by my side.” This song is so great.

  5. SO says:

    This song is cool. I’m really happy when I hear it. It is like the day was bad but this song made my heart fill with joy and the sadness went away. Then joy came my way to fill my heart!

  6. AJ says:

    I know it’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna work out fine. That says to me to never let people get to you even if someone is mean to you, to just let it go.

  7. NM says:

    I really do like it! I love the lyrics. It reminds me of my grandma Brenda, especially the part, “when I’m far or when I’m here.”

  8. DP says:

    I really like the guitar at the beginning. It makes me happy. I also like the first six lines, they really speak to me. I like the whole song. It’s telling me that no matter how tough life gets, God is always going to be by my side.

  9. TH says:

    I really enjoyed this song. It is really beautiful.

  10. BR says:

    I really liked the song. It really speaks to me. It’s a true song, a sad song, but true. I hope to hear it again.

  11. AG says:

    The line, “I know it’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna work out find,” makes me feel happier and takes away all the sorrowful thoughts I’m thinking of.

  12. EG says:

    I like this song and I love her voice. I love that it talks about God and praying.

  13. SG says:

    I liked the song, it really speaks to me because I’m going through a hard time. I like the the line, “I know it’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna work out fine.”

  14. JB says:

    I think this song is beautiful. It speaks to me because people can be different and nothing’s wrong but it will be alright. Only God knows what’s gonna happen and no matter what God is always by my side, left or right. Also it says never to be sad or try not to be, pray, keep on trying and hope, God is always with you.

  15. HW says:

    The song is a very good song. It’s like it is saying don’t let fear stop you that everything is alright.

  16. SH says:

    It’s a “g” song. This song is going to get stuck in my head!

  17. JS says:

    This song is almost like another that I think is good. But this one is a little better than the one I know.

  18. KC says:

    Everything will be okay because I’m here and so is God. Only God knows how the day will be because He will always be by my side and yours.

  19. EM says:

    I really do like this song because the lyrics really relate to me. I like the line when she sings about how you are always by my side.

  20. Sister Julie Ann says:

    Life is even better than ‘all right’ with all these positive comments! Thanks from all of us. May our Loving God bless you with all that is good and right! Peace and all good!

  21. Sister Theresa says:

    This song reflects much hope that we can always trust in God’s constant, loving presence. It is especially fitting during this time of Lent when we journey with Jesus through His suffering and death. He walked the way first and asks us to follow, but always with the promise of His presence, His love, and His grace.

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