A Franciscan Take on Diocesan New Evangelization Convocation

by Sister Julie Ann on November 2, 2013

Wondering what impact the Diocese of Green Bay 2013 Leadership Convocation had on those who attended? Not only were Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in the crowd of participants, but  Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora was also a presenter. The general theme was Parishes: Called to Be Holy, Fully Engaged and Fully Alive.

Sister Rochelle Kerkhof provided this review:

For me, Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s witness of personal humility, his pastoral presence among us and his manner of simply teaching in a very understandable fashion has positively impacted my understanding of the new evangelization process within our church.   It was a good day!

Sister Mary Ann responded this way:

I found the Convocation renewing and inspiring! One of the many encouraging aspects was encountering so many committed, involved people who give themselves to Jesus and His Church, including many of those I have as students in the Emmaus and Apóstoles Programs along with students from Silver Lake College of the Holy Family! Having the opportunity to share with them and discuss Cardinal Wuerl’s presentation on how it is now “our turn” to pass on Jesus’ Gospel message that the Kingdom is within us and present in our world. I especially appreciated the emphasis that the Church is the “Home of the Good News.” Jesus left us His Church and entrusted you and me to live out the coming of the Kingdom, knowing that  the Church, was there when Christ lived, taught, died and rose. So we know that what we believe is true!

Sister Marie Kolbe gave 2 presentations.Franciscan Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora speaker at Green Bay Diocese leadership day

  • What’s new About New Evangelization?

Identifying aspects unique to this new wave of evangelization, she expored the four waves of evangelization in the Church’s history highlighting the characteristics of each one.

  • The Holy Spirit as the Principle Agent of Evangelization

Presentation discussed the Holy Spirit’s role in Christian existence, our need to invoke the Holy Spirit as individuals and as a Church to discern the ways necessary to the New Evangelization.

Watch for more comments from our Sisters.

6 thoughts on “A Franciscan Take on Diocesan New Evangelization Convocation”

  1. Sister Louise says:

    The Leadership day in Green Bay on October 29, 2013 was excellent. It was an honor to meet Cardinal Wuerl. His keynote was most inspiring and encouraging. We share the faith by who we are, how we live, as much as by what we say. Sounds like St. Francis’s approach, doesn’t it. He also reminded us that sharing our faith isn’t a matter of a complicated theological discourse. It’s being in love with the God who loves us, who is LOVE

  2. Sister Rexann says:

    The highlight of the day for me was the keynote by Cardinal Donald Wuerl. In the spirit of the new evangelization, he encouraged us to be missionaries in our day by going out of ourselves, using a language of simplicity, and passing on the gospel by building bridges not walls. He said it is our turn to spread the gospel. We can do this by renewing our own faith, having confidence in that faith and sharing that faith with a joyful affect.

  3. Thank you for posting this event and for the personal comments by our sister presenter, Sister Marie Kolbe, and our sister attendees, Sister Rochelle, Sister Rexann and Sister Louise. I’d be interested in other sisters’ comments.
    What came through to me, from the sisters’ posts, is that we are called to be evangelized and well as to be evangelizers. It starts with the Holy Spirit working in each of us. May we all be open to the Holy Spirit igniting the fire of evangelization in us.

  4. Sister Ritamae says:

    The Leadership Convocation on Oct. 29th at KI Convention Center in Green Bay was well worth the learning experience. The session on THE REALITY OF HUMAN TRAFFICING
    by Morgan Young was most enlightening.

    Wisconsin ranks 5th in the nation and Milwaukee is the human trafficking capital of the

    There are 27 women, children and men in slavery.

    Morgan pointed out the signs that would alert us to this sad condition. We all need to
    search for ways of counteracting and eliminating such total abuse of human dignity.

  5. Sister Elaine says:

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s keynote address was truly inspiring as it calls each one of us to seriously respond to the invitation to be evangelizers, while we ourselves are also being evangelized. He commented that it is “only when faith permeates every part of our lives are we able to be witnesses.” Each one of us has been called to spread the Good News-by our words, by our actions, by the attitude we portray to others. The living out of our ordinary lives can be a great way of evangelizing. We can each ask ourselves, “Am I the Good News of Jesus in action?”

  6. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    An excellent suggestion to hear more about New Evangelization in our churches I believe the Holy Spirit will lead others in this important work. We ourselves must always be aware of how to spread and live the faith..

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