Franciscan Values Important to New President of Catholic College

by Sister Natalie on October 21, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie welcomed new Silver Lake College of the Holy Family President Dr. Chris Domes on October 19, 2013 in the inaugural ceremony held in the Franciscan Music Education and Performance Center. Sister Natalie shares her greetings here.  

In the name of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, good afternoon and a special welcome to each of you on the occasion of the inauguration of the 10th President of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.

We thank God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the selection of Dr. Chris Domes, who we believe will continue the Community legacy of a strong liberal arts Catholic College rooted in Franciscan Values of community, compassion, peacemaking and reverence for creation. It is no easy task to find the right person to build on the foundation of the past.

Using his gifts and talents, Dr. Domes will advance the Dr. Chris Domes President of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Manitowoc WImission of Silver Lake College respecting what has been, and focusing on what is best for the continued building up of this institute of higher learning. We look forward to supporting Dr. Domes in his desire to strengthen the Franciscan values internally, helping the Boards of Directors, faculty, staff, students, family, alumni, and benefactors grow in their understanding of how they are called to serve others and be a resource for the broader community that is influenced by Silver Lake College.

In the name of my Sisters both living and deceased, I pledge daily, prayerful support and intercession for blessings on this new beginning for you, Dr. Domes and on the continued vested interest of the Congregation to provide quality Catholic education through the Sponsored Ministry of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.

God is with us.

Also read Benjamin Wideman’s article on Dr. Domes for The Compass, Diocese of Green Bay, WI.

Dr. Chris Domes knows firsthand the value of a Catholic college education.

Domes grew up in a Methodist household in western New York, but by the time he graduated from nearby St. Bonaventure University, a Franciscan institution, he had converted to Catholicism.

“My experience as a college student was incredibly profound in my life, because that’s when I became Catholic,” Domes said. “I didn’t know anything about the Franciscans before I got there. I didn’t go there seeking a religious conversion. I just went there being open to learning and open to life and open to who God was in my life. But college ended up changing my life and helping shape who I am now as a college administrator.”

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4 thoughts on “Franciscan Values Important to New President of Catholic College”

  1. Sister Natalie has such a clear and prayerful manner of communication! She truly speaks for all of us in her message. It was a great day of celebrating, rejoicing and renewing of hope as we prayerfully assist SLC to move forward.

  2. Sister Carol Ann Gambsky says:

    Yes! Indeed we have a great leader in Sister Natalie.

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    This was a joyful Franciscan celebration! Prayers are with Dr. Domes and this new beginning here at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family!

  4. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    Sister Natalie spoke highly of Dr. Domes beginning his projects at SLC. In truth, I too believe God has blessed us with the choice of the new President. I pray that Dr. Domes meets his objectives.

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