How a Young Franciscan Sister Views Authority

by Sister Regina Rose on July 20, 2013

Recently, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Regina Rose shared her thoughts about Community Director Sister Louise Hembrecht. We invite you to find out for yourself how a newly professed Sister views authority in our Congregation.

IMG_42682000 self-help books are published every year world-wide. On alone, there are 423,723. What is evident here is humanity’s search for the authentic self. It is my belief the women entering religious life are deeply involved in this search and they arrive here with hopes of discovering vibrant, living illustrations of authenticity.

Sister Louise, upon my entrance into the Novitiate, you commented that, as a Novice, I would study Scripture, our Community documents, the Franciscan charisms and many other books and articles, but that the professed Sisters would be the “books most studied” by the newest members of the Community. You spoke of the examples observed in how we treat each other, in the charity, love and respect we show for each other, whether the love we proclaim to have for Christ is big enough to include others-one another, Sisters from other communities, other cultures or anyone who becomes a part of our lives.

Well, Sister Louise, I have studied you, and I have found you to be a true testament to the authenticity that you spoke of and that I always hope to find in religious life. I did take it upon myself to inspect one last book: Webster’s dictionary. There I found some apt descriptions of the word authentic, words that describe you very well: not imitation, true to one’s self, character and spirit…genuine, reliable, trustworthy, being actually and exactly what is claimed, a faithful imitation of an original, and having good faith with sincerity of intention. You have proven to be a book well worth the read. In gratitude for your authentic example of Franciscan living, I present this rose to you. Thank you for the seed you have planted.

2 thoughts on “How a Young Franciscan Sister Views Authority”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    So well said Sister Regina Rose! One of the many gifts of Sister Louise is her authentic, transparent Franciscan way of living! She has been and continues to be a blessing from God for all of us!

  2. Thank you for sharing Sr. Regina Rose’s tribute to Sr. Louise. I am grateful to Sr. Louise AND to our newest professed member, Sr. Regina Rose, for examples of fidelity and authenticity. Both are well worth the read!

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