Franciscan Sister Artist Paints Fishing Village Mural

by Sister Julie Ann on July 24, 2013

Looking for an interesting place to visit for a summer outing? Consider seeing a fascinating mural of Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mariella Erdmann and Erin LaBonte, teachers at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI at the Rogers Street Fishing Village Museum, Two Rivers, WI.

Franciscan-ArtistsDr. Robert Cornwell built the 17 foot long, 60 inch high frame and put it together in the College Art Department. Sister Mariella and Erin then primed, sanded and gessoed the boards for painting a Native American display. This was a collaborative effort in which both artists had to give and take and work together to make it look like the work of one person.

The theme of a Native American Fishing Village on the shore of Lake Michigan fit into the fishing industry of Two Rivers. It is an historic scene of Native Americans preparing nets, smoking and drying fish, building canoes and boiling fish for oil. The scene also moves into the night spear fishing.Native-American-Fishing-Village-Mural

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  1. How interesting to have two artists working in a give-and-take relationship to create something beautiful. Thank you for this very interesting post!

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