Farewell to Jesuit Franciscan Chaplain and Concerts in College Chapel

by Sister Julie Ann on April 29, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity said 2 farewells in April 2013.


Father-Michael-G-Morrison-SJAt a special afternoon reception in our Holy Family Convent cafeteria, we expressed gratitude to Wisconsin Province Jesuit Father Michael G. Morrison who served for 8 months as Motherhouse and St. Francis Convent chaplain. Some of our Sisters remembered Father Mike at Creighton University, Omaha, NE when as president he would often find a park bench in the mall at the noon time and enjoy many a conversation with students.

Today, his ready smile and his reminder that ‘God loves you’ were a blessing and answer to prayer when we found ourselves in need of a priest for Masses.  Thank you, Father Mike, we will ever consider you our own Jesuit Franciscan! To think your stay coincided with the election of Pope Francis makes it an everlasting remembrance.



For many years Silver Lake College of the Holy Family’s concerts were held in the college chapel. With the new Holy Family Conservatory and Music Education and Performance Center to be completed by Fall 2013, the last Department of the Fine Arts choral and instrumental concert was held in this space. We look forward to sharing ‘first’ images of this new musical space. (Leave it to our Sister Martina Van Ryzin to comment that she was present for the first and last music performance in the chapel. Talk about a walking archive of our college’s history!)

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Jesuit Franciscan Chaplain and Concerts in College Chapel”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It is impossible to be at Mass with Fr. Mike and not hear about Jesus’ love for us or see that love in Father’s smile and dancing eyes! Thank you Fr. Mike for bringing Jesus to us in so many ways! Our prayers are with you!

  2. Love the comment about Sister Martina as a walking archive! I always enjoy her comments. Thank you, also, for posting the piece about Father Michael Morrison. He directed a retreat for me at the Jesuit Retreat House, Oshkosh, right after my mom died. He was a great director and I appreciated his wisdom.

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