Lyrics: Do People Bloom by Ezra Holbrook

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity collaborate with Ezra Holbrook to offer the free music download ‘Do People Grow’ this month of April. The song is especially dedicated to college students who often feel like seeds waiting underground to bloom and faith-filled Catholic Ministry and Newman Center pastors and other dedicated support staff who offer direction and nourishment, i.e.  UW Green Bay, UW Stevens Point, UW Whitewater, UW Superior; Northern Michigan University Catholic Campus Ministry, Marquette; St. Thomas Aquinas Center, Purdue, IN; St. Thomas More Newman Center, Columbus, OH.

Like a seed under the ground

Where we had it through our youth

Where we waited for our season

Or like a stone that never left turned

Where we bury with the truth

Another rhyme without a reason


So now I’m asking you a question

Because I can’t but feel afraid

I could go to sleep unhappy

If I could just wake up amazed

Is there life in hiding or are we dying on the vine

Always sleeping in or past our prime

Do people bloom or is it far too late

Do people bloom or is under foot my fate

Or do I get another chance to change my tune


Praise and wishes, second chances

Now I thought I had all the answers

Now I am stunned awaken for to face the truth

My first mistake just never ended

And I can’t help all those I’ve offended

Now I’d rather die than make the same mistake with you


Can I lay in your garden for a spell

Maybe someday I can find some room

In a tiny little corner of your heart

If it’s true it’s not to late to tend

Maybe someday I can grow and bloom

Into the kind of man you wanted from the start


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