Friars’ Prayer at Death of St. Francis

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share Sister Martin Flavin’s  adapted choral reading version of Thomas Celano’s  Friars’ Prayer at Death of St. Francis used for the Transitus of St. Francis, Oct. 3, 2011.

Oh, how glorious is this Saint whose soul was seen by one of his disciples as it ascended into heaven;

beautiful as the moon and noble as the sun, ascending on a white cloud, beaming with a glorious light!

Oh true light of the world who shines more brightly than the sun in the Church of Christ

Lo, you have already concealed the rays of your light.

You have exchanged the company of us poor ones for the company of the angels and saints.

Oh glorious fountain of such illustrious merit, you have already been released from your mortal flesh.

Do not relinquish the care of your children.

You know the dangers in which you have left them.

Your benenolent presence no longers restores them in their many efforts and constant woes.

O truly merciful, most holy Father Francis, you were always ready to be compassionate and to forgive your errant children.

We bless you, holy Father Francis, who is blessed by the Most High One. Amen.

Amen. So be it. 

8 thoughts on “Friars’ Prayer at Death of St. Francis”

  1. Hdoucet3337 says:

    Amen.  Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us, amen.

  2. Anne Marie Lom says:

    What plaintiff words describing the loss of the friars as they bid farewell to their holy leader. Thank you for sharing this with the public!

  3. Through the inspiration of St. Francis and St. Clare, may we too, become the Light of Christ!

  4. Scriach says:

    Happy St. Francis Day!  The Transitus at our Motherhouse sounded wonderful. Here in Tucson we celebrated the Transitusin our Chapel with our Franciscan brothers in the parish. It is such a solemn ritual and leaves me feeling very connected with the spirit world where Francis and our Lord are waiting for us.
    After our solemn Transitus we joined the Wa:k Community along with many Tucsonans for the Procession honorng St. Francis.The procession was led by the Yaqui Dancers. St. Francis was carried around the parking area while fireworks and firecrackers lit up the night, O'odham singers sang traditional songs, choirs sang Spanish hymns and bands played festive music. It's a wonderful sensory experience  expressing deep faith.
    The Feastday Mass today was very festive. Fr. Steve, our pastor, spoke on Francis' as a peacemaker. How appropriate for our world today. Saint Francis, may we be peacemakers like you.

  5. Anne Marie Lom says:

    How wonderful to be able to celebrate with other Franciscans and parishioners. Thank you for the great description!

  6. sannette says:

    Reading these words/prayers of the Frairs makes me feel so connected to the larger Franciscan family. We too celebrated with the Friars here in Greenwood. Among some of the lay people who came to join us where about 6 individuals who are interested in being Secular Franciscans. The Transitus holds such meaning and you certainly were Blessed to have such a beautiful service.

  7. sisterjune says:

    God bless Sister Martin and all those who participated in the prayer and song of the Transitus.
    What a wonderful tradition!

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