Franciscan Novice Sister Regina Rose Fills Up the Empty Bowls

Franciscan Novice Sister Regina Rose reflects on ‘Let’s Fill Up the Empty Bowls’ Project sponsored by the Two Rivers, WI Optimists Club benefiting the Two Rivers Ecumenical Pantry.

In the spring semester, I had the opportunity to take Ceramics I. Having approached that  pottery class with a great amount of excitement and anticipation, I quickly found myself becoming frustrated as several of my pieces turned out less than beautiful or blew up completely in the kiln. I frequently considered scrapping piece after piece as they didn’t meet my standards or original plan.  In revisiting the class this summer, I reflected more on the story of Jeremiah at the Potter’s house. In Jeremiah’s story, “a vessel the potter was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to do (Jer. 18:4).”  What stands out here is that it actually pleased the potter to begin again! And so it is with God.  He is willing, able, and overjoyed to begin again in us until we become a vessel suitable for retaining that which is sacred and holy . Nothing is lost in the making for Him! It was a reminder that, as tempting as it may be, the mistakes made out of frail humanity should not be cause for giving up the challenge!  We can rejoice in God’s loving mercy as He gives us endless opportunities to begin again.

 Also, it was mentioned that, in many circles, some pottery has no value until the artist carves his name into the pieces. The value is in the signature. I loved this idea for it is, again, the same with God who has given each of us our name and, therein, our value! His ownership, His name written on our hearts,  and our belonging to Him, is the source of our worth.

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Novice Sister Regina Rose Fills Up the Empty Bowls”

  1. Skathleen says:

    What a beautiful reflection on your experience!  Starting all over again can have its painful points, but it can also be renewing to clear the deck and bring a new vision to the restart!  Blessings on the work of your hands!

  2. Ksuhr says:

    Inspirational.  Thank you, Sr. Regina Rose, Sr. Leslie, and Sr. Monica. As we have the privilege of living with you three here at our beautiful Motherhouse, we see  in your actions and in your speech that the Lord has truly written His name on your hearts. We are grateful that you are a wonderful witness to all of us that , indeed, we do belong to Him.

  3. Sister Theresa Schleis says:

    Sister Regina Rose.
     I too like that account of the Potter and how God so many times makes us over,and of the great mercy
    God treats us with. He is always remodeling when we fail,and loving at the same time.

                  Sister TheresaSchleis

  4. Sister Marialee says:

    Beautiful and honest reflection you have shared Sister Regina Rose. Thank you. And so life goes for each of us every day. I must admit a trite soap opera title that flitted through my mind as i read – “As sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives” – and a part of an old song; “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again”. Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life; fell 3 times got up each time and went on and we followers of Him continue our journey.
     Gentle Blessings,
     Sister Marialee

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