Franciscan Novice Sister Leslie Fills Up Empty Bowls

Franciscan Novice Sister Leslie participates in ‘Let’s Fill Up the Empty Bowls in Our Community’ sponsored by the Two Rivers Optimist Club supporting the Two Rivers Ecumenical Pantry, a food pantry supported by 12 churches of 9 different denominations in the Two Rivers and Mishicot, WI areas.

Working with clay can be a very meaningful experience. Since, I generally struggle with it, it is an experience of not giving up and being humble enough to try again.

Patience is a requirement for pottery. I had the experience of taking a ceramics class last semester with Sr. Mariella and it took at least two months of trying before anything actually came of my work at the wheel. It took me two months of trying to make one little pot. That pot ironically got smashed against the wall due to an art accident. I could have given up but I chose not to. I took my failures in stride and it means much more to me that now I can more often than not sucessfully throw a pot on the wheel. I had to swallow a lot of pride during that semster of ceramics. It is not fun to continually try to do somthing that I am not good at. However, I grew to like pottery and what was once stressful became fun.

The best part in my opinion is glazing the pots after they have been created. I like to use Over Glaze because it looks completely different going into the kiln than it does coming out. Glazing is an adventure and it is a lot like life. I have a general idea of how things will work out but I can’t be sure of how one glaze is going to react with another glaze. Sometimes the results are wonderful and other times they are really ugly. However, I get another chance to try to fix my mistakes. I can put another glaze or two on the pot, refire it, and hope that it turns out this time. Somtimes it might take five fireings before it is just right. However, each layer of glaze adds interest to the pot. It is all a part of what the pot is to become. Just like life some of the worst mistakes can turn into beautiful relationship building expereinces or maybe just a good lesson that helps one go into the future wiser.

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Novice Sister Leslie Fills Up Empty Bowls”

  1. Skathleen says:

    And doesn't each day bring another layer of glaze for all of us pieces in God's hands?  We won't know exactly how we've turned out till we meet the Lord!  Your patience and humility are an inspiration for me as I take on the adventure of new days!

  2. Sister Theresa Schleis says:

    Sister Leslie.
     Great work Sister,I truly admire you to stick  at what you wanted your potter to be. Is that what God does too us.

    Isn't God great he never gives up on us, he keeps at us,and will as long as we keep going back too him.
    Keep up your great work.

     Sister Theresa Schleis

  3. Sister Marialee says:

    Sister Leslie, you reflect: “Sometimes it might take five fireings before it is just right. However, each layer of glaze adds interest to the pot. It is all a part of what the pot is to become.”  And what humility and courage it must take on for the pot to become what it is to become. You are reflecting on the right track; the fireings and glazings take humility and courage. Let's pray for each other as we continue our journey in Him of being fired and glazed into the person He has made us to be. Two quotes of very precious pots of our God. One from Blessed Pope John XXIII in his JOURNAL OF A SOUL :”The pure refined Joy which must always fill my heart finds its most sincere expression in the humblest actions.” And the second from Blessed Edith Stein: “O my God fill my soul with holy joy courage and strength to serve You. Enkindle Your love in me and then walk with me along the next stretch of road before me. I do not see very far ahead but when I have arrived where the horizon now closes down, a new prospect will open before me and I shall meet it with peace.”
    Gentle Blessings,
    Sister Marialee

  4. Sisterannjoachim says:

    The story of each one is an indication of struggling and succeeding. The application in our spiritual life is true of all of us.  Thank you for well written stories reminding us of similar ventures.

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