Franciscan Gospel Gathering Calls Forth Questions and Commitment

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity conversed in small groups on the topics of poverty, spiritual growth, community life and aging as part of our Quasi Chapter June 6-8, 2012. After conversations each Sister signed a commitment card promising to practically work on growth in her own life in these areas.


  • What do you value about the Franciscan ideal of Poverty?
  • What motivates you to live a life of Poverty?
  • What supports your personal decisions toward living a life of Poverty?

Commitment: What one thing will I do so to better live Poverty in the next 6-8 months?

Spiritual Growth

  • Share a turning point or growth point in your spiritual life-what provoked it?
  • What changes in your life did you make because of it?
  • Over the years, what has fostered your spiritual growth?
  • What has the Commmunity provided to support/foster your spiritual growth?

Commitment: What one thing will I do to foster my spiritual growth in the next 6-12 months?

Community Life

  • Describe a positive experience of community life from your past.
  • What do you appreciate about your current local community?
  • What contributes to the vitality of your current local community?

Commitment: What change(s) will I make to enhance our community life?


  • For you, who are models of healthy, holy aging?
  • What are some gifts of aging?
  • How does the Community support me in the aging process?

Commitment: What one thing will I do to enhance my current experience of aging?

2 thoughts on “Franciscan Gospel Gathering Calls Forth Questions and Commitment”

  1. Francette Riebe says:

    As I experience aging, I dont consider the process as negative but I do attempt to grow each day, knowing my limitations, understanding myself, staying healthy, loving tenderlyas I age with Jesus. I appreciated the complete three days especally of “conversations”. Everything was done with completness, honor and respect. I was impressed with all my groups.

  2. Francette Riebe says:

    Regarding comunity life . At Chiara we are very fortunate in living in the home that we care for. As I attempt to enhance my community life,I accept all the sisters, sometimes loving them when there is no love coming forth. Most often life here, is a bit of Heaven.  When we have our discussions each month, I feel so good about life because we speak and care for many of the same things.

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