Conventual Franciscan Reflection Part of Sisters’ Quasi Chapter

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy shares a summary of Father Joachim Giermek’s OFM Conv. July 8, 2012 Sunday Gospel Reflection.   

Did you ever consider that the letters that spell “evil”, “devil” and “live” are all very similar?  Father Joachim reflected on the evil in the hearts of Jesus’ hearers in today’s Gospel.  He reminded us that evil is rooted and persistent.  Evil wishes to introduce into our lives that which will kill all that is most alive in us. 

What did these Gospel figures envy in Jesus?  They longed to possess the faith relationship Jesus had with the Father.  Yet, such a relationship was out of their reach as long as they closed the door of faith by way of their envy. 

Father urged us to be grateful for what we might accomplish here, but rejoice in all “the more” that there is to do though we are dependent on Jesus. 

One thought on “Conventual Franciscan Reflection Part of Sisters’ Quasi Chapter”

  1. Sveronica says:

    I was grateful for Fr. Joachim’s comment about evil and live. I like to use this example with the second grade for First Reconciliation and that we try to turn from evil (sins) and want to live for Jesus. Sr. Veronica

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