Franciscan Lenten Song : Calling Me Higher by Teresa Peterson

by Sister Julie Ann on February 26, 2017

God calls us to go deeper this Lent. Indeed, St. Francis was sensitive to this desire. In this spirit,  Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to listen to Calling Me Higher by Teresa Peterson.

TeresaPetersonImageIn lectio divina one day, I was praying through the daily psalm, Psalm 42.   One line kept ringing in my ears: as deep calls to deep. As I sat down to write for my new album, I opened up my bible and as deep calls to deep came back up. I was so inspired that I asked the Holy Spirit to come and write this song with me and Calling Me Higher came out. This song has always been so special to me.  Not only was it the first song on my album, it was also the first song I had written in over 2 years. It was such a gift and I’m glad I get to share it with you! -Teresa Peterson

Teresa’s “desert” blog posting may also encourage you in your own Lenten journey.

The Lap of The Father in the Heart of The Desert

When asked about our summer, James and I simultaneously sigh and respond, “Well, we’ve been in the Desert.”  

The Desert.  That sacred place where God leads His child into a deeper relationship with Him by stripping him bare of comfort, status quo and selfishness.  Leaving everything she knows and submitting to the process of death to self, greater submission of her will to God and being a willing, sacrificial participant.  The Israelites don’t give a lot of encouragement here on this topic, except for maybe what not to do.  But as we followed Our Lord into the Desert, little by little, a picture started to emerge.Franciscan Sisters at St. Peter Mission Bapchule AZ morning

The Need For God

This one shouldn’t be hard, but for those who pride themselves on being self-sufficient, (present company included), it’s easy to get caught up in doing the work of God instead of loving Him. Read more…




17 thoughts on “Franciscan Lenten Song : Calling Me Higher by Teresa Peterson”

  1. Arnold says:

    It inspires me to be closer to God, because music let’s us know that each of us has a personal relationship with God.

  2. Kassandra says:

    Songs inspire me to be closer to God, because there is a bigger meaning behind the lyrics.

  3. Sister Theresa says:

    Thanks, Teresa, for sharing this beautiful song with us. It certainly is a good reflection as we prepare to begin Lent but is also a powerful message that invites us to grow each day in responding to the loving call of our amazing God.

  4. Adriana says:

    Music inspires me to be closer to God because it feel more personal and upbeat than normal prayer.

  5. J.H. says:

    Music is more inspirational than words are.

  6. D.P. says:

    I thank God for letting me be a musician. Especially nice that I can play music for him during Mass.

  7. richardschletty says:

    A prayer asking God to lift us up to the highest calling. Beautiful. Passionate. So many ways we can stray and fall. May our Lenten journey take us safe into His arms.

  8. A.M. says:

    The title of the track itself really moves me. This is because it reminds me of where I belong and need to be right now.

  9. A.L. says:

    The message of trying to be the best you can be and that God will always be there spoke to me.

  10. R.D. says:

    YOU call me your own!

  11. M.G. says:

    You call me love. You call me life. You call your own!!!

  12. S.M. says:

    He calls me to love. He calls me his own. He calls me higher…this touches my heart, because we are called in different ways and not called in one way. Jesus is always loving, looking out for us and calling us in his own way.

  13. Fermin says:

    This song inspires me to be closer to God by keeping in mind that He is blessing me with days to breathe on this earth.

  14. Michael says:

    You call me in love, call me to life, call me home!!!

  15. Jasmine says:

    This touches my heart: that “he keeps calling me higher”, “call me to love and life.”

  16. R.M. says:

    God is always calling us to do better things in life and to never stop doing those great things in life.

  17. J.R. says:

    When you want God to call you higher, you want a stronger relationship and to be more faithful.

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