Franciscan Sisters Stream Christmas Song by Michael Corsini

by Sister Julie Ann on December 24, 2016

A special Christmas song featured for Christmas Day and the following week: Catholic Songwriter Michael Corsini’s God is King of All the Earth from his album All Things Hoped For. We Franciscan Sisters know how St. Francis loved the Nativity drama of Christmas. May the Lord bless you in this season of grace amid your own families, surroundings and beauty.all-things-hoped-for-michael-corsini

About Michael Corsini

I am a husband and father.  This animates everything I do.  I am also an artist, musician, speaker and retreat leader.  The art and music that I make is an extension of my family life.  Much of my work is often created during time spent with my children!  I believe that the mission of my art and music is to help all people experience the powerful love of God through an authentic encounter with beauty.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design and a Master of Sacred Theology from the John Paul II Institute in D.C.  I also spent five years as a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

God is King of All the Earth is part of a modern worship album recorded live in the living tradition of the Church. It is a soundtrack of prayer for Advent with the Fathers of the Church and the seasonal psalms. michael-corsini

My art and music may be found at:



7 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Stream Christmas Song by Michael Corsini”

  1. Sister Marsaia says:

    When we look at the little Child in the manger and we realize how tiny and helpless He is, faith enables us to see the glory and humility of our great God. Kings don’t usually come in such a hidden way. This peaceful, repetitious, unassuming song becomes “the wallpaper” in our hearts as we ponder the love of our God, who must have longed for a human mother and father; who must have longed to be held and cared for, taught, hugged, played with, and called ” my son, Jesus.” He, Who is God, King of all the earth, shows us how to become a gift to others by becoming one with those around us. Merry Christmas.

  2. Sister Kathleen says:

    As the familiar verses of this Psalm are sung, I can’t help but be thankful that truly “God IS King of all the earth”! There is much to pray for when one looks at our world, in both its human and natural aspects. There are wars and refugee crises, natural disasters, global warming, water shortages and the list goes on. Yet, in faith, we sing, “God is King of all the earth!” He rules! Amen!

  3. Sister Elena says:

    This is a wonderful song for meditation on our beloved God is King.

  4. Sister Pamela Catherine says:

    “I will bless the Lord at all time; PRAISE shall be ALWAYS in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1
    God is the CREATOR of ALL!! This song is a song of humility, recognition that God is GOD and all we are and all we have is from Him and Him alone. In great appreciation for all God has given us, we must praise Him at all times! He is constantly in relationship with all creation and we should constantly be in praise of all He has given us. Christmas is only a few days away and we are about to celebrate the greatest gift, the coming of His Son. In this celebration we can sing the refrain of this song, “God is King over all the earth, Allelulia!” Merry Christmas!

  5. Sister Carol Seidl says:

    The Prince of Peace has come to all of us. First as a Baby on Christmas Eve – from the Wood of the Manger to the Wood of the Cross he reigns as King of all the Earth.

  6. Sister Hannah says:

    That constant call to let God be everything. As John the Baptist said, “He must increase, I must decrease.” God is King of all the earth; each part of creation worshipping God according to its essence.

  7. Sister Carla says:

    Even though I believe God is King over all the earth, it’s not what I think of at Christmas. The incarnation leads me to ponder the humility of God and his trust is us. That God would trust his son to humanity when we have forsaken him over and over throughout history. I want to live up to his trust in caring for him in the vulnerable in my part of the world.

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