Franciscan Sisters July 4th News Cast

by Sister Julie Ann on July 9, 2015

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Elena Gonzales reflects on the recent July 4th Holiday and pieces together some of its highlights.

Indeed, Franciscan Sister Elizabeth Benvie solemnizes the occasion with her trumpet. Good times continue to stay with us!

Franciscan Sister Elizabeth Benvie on trumpet

One thought on “Franciscan Sisters July 4th News Cast”

  1. Sally Weiland says:

    Sr. Elizabeth Benvie I remember you. I am Sr. Josetta’s cousin from CLE and I met you several years ago in Somerset. She has retired and is going back to Columbus. Her sister and I are so happy she can now relax and enjoy life. Nice to read about you and your community.
    Sally Weiland

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