What Consecrated Life Means to Franciscan Sisters

by Sister Julie Ann on January 20, 2015

During this Year of Consecrated Life announced by Pope Francis, Franciscan Sisters offer our personal response to the question: What is Consecrated Life?

Franciscan Sister Maria CasettaKnowing that her short term memory is failing her, Sister Maria Casetta reflects: “Whatever God wants. That is what I vowed at my profession. I am where I am because this is where He wants me to be now, in St. Rita’s Health Center. God seems to want me to give up memories and that is o.k. as they are His anyway. I am His bride and His servant. I want to please Him. I am grateful to Him for calling me to this Community.”

Franciscan Sister Florita Schneider
Sister Florita Schneider’s own wisdom shines through in her comments: “God has chosen me. I am consecrated, I am ‘set apart’ for service to Him. Not set apart to be on a pedestal or in an ivory tower in arrogance and pride but to serve in humility and simplicity. Wherever I am and in whatever I do, I am a witness to God. This is a great gift which is also a great responsibility. Only by being aware of His love and support can I truly live this Consecrated Life which I have been living for 63 years. God has chosen me and I am forever grateful.”

9 thoughts on “What Consecrated Life Means to Franciscan Sisters”

  1. patricia farghaly says:

    May God Bless you all…❤❤

  2. Sister Leonette Kochan, OSF says:

    Thank you, Sisters Maria and Florita, for your beautiful reminders that we are servants, hopefully open to wherever and whatever the Lord is calling us.
    Sister Leonette Kochan

  3. Eric Lemmons says:

    Life reveals true beauty when seen through the love of God.

  4. I am so appreciative in knowing both of these generous Sisters! They are wonderful role models of holiness.

  5. Sr. Delores says:

    Sr. Maria and Sr. Florita, you have blessed my life. Thank you for being the Lord’s servants.

  6. Mary Vitolo says:

    I thank God for all the Franciscan Sisters for all the good they do in our world. They gave me the best foundation for 10 years of my life!

  7. Cindy Hansen says:

    Beautifully said. Remember both of you quite well. God Bless.

  8. Sister Carla says:

    Sister Florita and Sister Maria, I appreciated your positive, upbeat attitudes. You exude the JOY of knowing Jesus Christ. Thank you!

  9. annemarielom says:

    Sister Carla, Thank you for your posting. Upbeat attitudes is a very apt description for the two of them!

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