7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan Summer Conversations

by Sister Julie Ann on June 6, 2014

— 1 —

Here’s a song with conversation in the title. Aware that the language of poetry and spirituality find meaning in the depth of relationships, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer ‘Excerpts From A Continual Conversation With A Silent Man’ by Still on the Hill this June as a free music download. St. Francis found peace in poetry. (Ever remember hearing about the Canticle of the Creatures?) Our Assisi troubadour saint would totally enjoy this musicial focus on poet Wallace Stevens. Click here to read more about this beautiful music. Still On the Hill

— 2 —

Sometimes conversations begin with a letter. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are pen-pals of 2nd grade students from Holy Angels Catholic School, West Bend, WI. Recently the letter correspondents met face to face.

— 3 —

Summer conversations most often begin with end of the school year happenings. Franciscan Sister Monica shares what she has learned from her students at St. Theresa Catholic School, Kekaha, HI.  Click here. It really is quite profound.Franciscan Sister Monica's Catholic School Class

— 4 —

If you haven’t had enough of the last days of school (especially if you are still in the midst of studying), click here to find out about ‘The Last Blast’ at All Saints Catholic School, Sierra Vista, AZ. Franciscan Sister Carol enjoys recounting good news from this hot spot.  Franciscan Sister Carol recounts last day of school

— 5 —

With the celebration of the Holy Spirit this weekend, one of our Sisters shares the Diocese of Tucson’s Pentecost Immigration Tool Kit. We found it helpful in our liturgy planning.  You may find it helpful for your prayer or some future focus. Click here.Brother Fire

— 6 —

A summer conversation should be all about the Gospel of Joy! Pope Francis’ apostolic message is good seed for gatherings that seem to draw more people out to enjoy the wonders of creation. We are reminded to: “Be a joyful messenger. Know that Jesus Christ loves you. Live the Gospel of Joy.”

Franciscan Sister Regina Rose at Steubenville North St. Thomas University, MN

— 7 —

Interested in a discernment conversation on Franciscan Consecrated Life? We invite you to meet us at a local coffee house or wherever you feel comfortable when we are in the Houston area July 5-8.  Contact us here. We will be at Café Catholica at St. Michael Parish on July 7 and TBA young adult event at St. Anne’s, etc. We would be delighted to spend time with you.

If you are from another part of the country, we look forward to getting to know you so please let us know where you live. These are our favorite conversations!


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