How Franciscan Sisters Celebrate Being Sent to Serve God’s People

by Sister Julie Ann on April 14, 2014

This year April 12, 2014 marked our official Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity day of celebrating our being sent to live the Gospel and serve God’s people.

What makes it official?

Franciscan Sisters celebrate their call to live the Gospel and serve God's peopleA missioning prayer service is prayed in each of our local convents (usually in the morning). The ritual is creatively different each year and yet the same. Significant to this year’s prayer was an emphasis on our core values affirmed during our recent Chapter. Sister Natalie Binversie, who took her oath in August 2013 as our Community Director, also signed our missioning cards. We received them with these words:

Local Director: May you live the Gospel joyfully, Sister ________

Sister responds: I will live our Community life and serve God’s people wholeheartedly.

A special mailing arrived at each of our convent homes in preparation for this day. In addition to our individual mission cards, the envelope held the prayer service, the slate that lets us know where everyone else will be missioned and a card listing additional Sisters who pray specifically for each of our local communities as part of their service.

It is a good day for Sisterly conversation as we share with each other the specific way that we are being asked to live the Gospel and serve God’s people for the coming year. It is also a day to be truly grateful for all that has been and will be and to remember lovingly the many people who we are blessed to know in our lives.

What a great way to enter Holy Week.

2 thoughts on “How Franciscan Sisters Celebrate Being Sent to Serve God’s People”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Being sent to live the Gospel with our Sisters and minister to God’s people is living our vow of obedience in love!

  2. The Sisters were so very generous in responding to requests for needs throughout the United States and within local convents that the entire process turned out to be a blessing and an opportunity for grace both for those requesting and those responding.

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