Franciscan Action in Diocesan Living Justice Conference

by Sister Julie Ann on March 25, 2014

Just Live, Love & Walk: Fully Engaged, Fully Alive! That’s the message of a March 21-22, 2014 Diocese of Green Bay, WI, Living Justice Conference held at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity not only presented, but also assisted with the music for the closing Sunday liturgy. Among the speakers and attendees there was a spirit of learning and sincere searching for ways to live the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.

Franciscan Sister Presenters

  • March 22 found Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom, sharing a presentation, “St. Francis Speaks to Creation”.

Francis of Assisi and the Future of Faith by Daniel Horan, OFM, afforded Sister Anne Marie Franciscan Sisters were present for Diocese of Green Bay Conferencethe needed structure and insights on the traditional attitudes toward creation: dominion (the earth is ours to use and dispose of as we need) and stewardship (caring for or managing the resources of the earth). Horan proceeds to elaborate on the Franciscan attitude of kinship with creation. Each resource is our brother, sister, mother etc.  We are neither to expend created things nor manage them as though they belonged some someone else. We are to treat the earth and her bounty with courtesy as we would a family member. Care for creation is a prolife issue as Pope Francis demonstrates in paragraphs 213-215 in the exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel.  Summarizing this familial attitude, the presentation closed with all praying St. Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures.

  • Franciscan Sister Regina Rose Pearson’s presentation was a basic overview of the facts surrounding the issue of abortion.

She reviewed the beginnings of the legalization of abortion, the stages of fetal development, the types of abortion, the effects of abortion, and the alternatives to abortion. Participants heard about the things that we can do to aid in the solution to this problem: supplicate, educate, advocate. In other words pray, know what the issue really is and what the facts are, and speak out!

Franciscan Sisters lead music at Diocese of Green Bay Living Justice Conference

One thought on “Franciscan Action in Diocesan Living Justice Conference”

  1. Sister Kathleen says:

    How wonderful that we are sharing our expertise and wisdom in promoting a Catholic sense of justice and peace. Planting the seeds and watering with prayer can only bring about a better sense of the Kingdom here and now. Thanks for all your efforts!

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