Here’s Some Franciscan Sister Photography Contest Entries

by Sister Julie Ann on February 3, 2014

Ever wonder if a Sister can enter a photography contest? The answer is ‘yes’. Here are some entries that Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Carol Seidl entered in the Sierra Vista Herald Newspaper,  Sierra Vista, AZ for the recent Community Photo Contest. (Prize money would be welcome at All Saints School!!)

Franciscan Sister Carol's photo contest entry October 4, 2013 Feast of St. Francis of Assisi-Blessing of pets

As a bonus, we will also include entries of Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Parish Pastor Father Ariel Lustan- who captured these images on Sister Carol’s camera! (Prize money will go to the same school fund?!)




3 thoughts on “Here’s Some Franciscan Sister Photography Contest Entries”

  1. Sister Carol, You have a great “eye” for beauty. I hope you win some $ for your school. I enjoyed my time there very much!

  2. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    Excellent photography and a willingness to broaden the area with the activities of the school.

    Hopefully you will win or receive an interested donor.

  3. Sr. Carol Seidl says:

    Thank you! I love taking pictures! A great hobby to have. It makes others happy.

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