Called to Be a Franciscan Postulant

by Franciscan Postulant Sarah on February 5, 2014

Are you wondering how someone might be called to be a Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant? Read Sarah’s story as she writes it to us her Sisters.

Hello, everyone. Let me start by saying how happy I am to be part of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. It is truly wonderful to finally be living in community with all of you! My name is Sarah, and I’m the one with long hair and no veil! Growing up, I could have never imagined that this is where I would be standing today, but now that I am here, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. My story goes like this:

Franciscan Postulant SarahI was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to my parents Brad and Kathy. I have one younger sister, Rachel, who is a senior in high school this year. My sister and I were raised Catholic even though only my mom is Catholic. We lived in Oshkosh until 2005, when we moved up to Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Backing up a bit, in May of 2003, when I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Unconscious with cerebral hemorrhaging and a white blood cell count of over a million, I was flown by helicopter to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where I was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Two days later, I regained consciousness and was transferred to the regular hospital unit, where I stayed for two weeks, receiving intense chemotherapy treatments, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and seemingly-endless tests and exams. I continued outpatient treatment for three years, eventually receiving cranial radiation. In February of 2006, I had my last chemotherapy treatment and I have been in remission ever since!

I began to experience conversion as I was preparing to be confirmed. I first felt that God was possibly calling me to the religious life at the first Steubenville Youth Conference I attended, back in the summer of 2011. I continued to feel this call throughout my senior year of high school. Overwhelmed by the number of orders in the country, I went online to the Diocese of Superior website, where they have links to websites of several different orders. The “Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity” link just happened to be the first one I clicked on! I first met Sister Mary Ann Spanjers and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan the summer after I graduated, at another Steubenville Youth Conference.

In the fall of 2012, I attended school at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Although I had to leave before the semester was over due to chronic daily headaches, it was a wonderful experience and I do not regret any of it. That November, I returned home to Rice Lake, where I would eventually start working as a cashier at Farm and Fleet through the summer.

Franciscan Postulant Sarah and Sister Regina Rose and Sister Monica enjoying a snack breakBefore that, though, I came on a discernment retreat here in Manitowoc in February. I essentially fell in love with the community and that spring, I surprised everyone by applying for postulancy! In August, I found out I was accepted to the TAU program and I started school at Silver Lake College at the end of the month.

I have no doubt that if things in my life hadn’t played out the way that they did, if I hadn’t gone through cancer treatment and if we hadn’t moved to Rice Lake, I would not be here today. Throughout my life, I have always been so incredibly blessed in every possible way, though it has taken some time for me to truly realize it. I give all the credit to God and none to myself. While my battle with cancer has probably had the biggest impact on my life in the physical sense, my home parish in Rice Lake, Our Lady of Lourdes, has transformed my spiritual life in so many ways that I cannot describe. From the start, I was greatly inspired by our priest, Fr. Dave Oberts. He is the one that really led me back to Jesus in the midst of all my suffering, when everything in my life seemed so uncertain and God seemed so far away. This parish is like a family, and I am overwhelmed by all of the love and support coming from everyone there.

Thank you to everyone for being so kind and welcoming as I begin this new stage in my life. I have enjoyed every minute of it so far, and I look forward to spending more time with you in the near future. May God bless each of you and give you peace always!

Are you being called to be a Franciscan Sister? Click here to take your first step in our direction.

6 thoughts on “Called to Be a Franciscan Postulant”

  1. Sister Carol Ann says:

    Very nice! I enjoyed reading your story Sarah!

  2. Sister Julie Ann says:

    God is truly the author of your life. Reviewing the chapters once again, it is a blessing that our Franciscan Community is part of your story! Peace and all good, Sarah!

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Sarah, you are a blessing to know and walk with on this Franciscan journey! Your openness to God’s love and grace is inspiring! You are a joy to know! Count on my continued prayers with Jesus’ love!

  4. Sister Christine says:

    Sarah, thanks for sharing your story! Blessings as you continue your journey!

  5. Sister Elizabeth Benvie says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Sarah! I am looking forward to meeting you this summer. May God continue to lead and guide you.

  6. Sarah Robole says:

    Thanks, everyone! 🙂

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