Why Epiphany is Perfect Day to Receive Franciscan Postulant

by Sister Julie Ann on January 5, 2014

On the Feast of the Epiphany, Franciscan Sisters of Christian celebrate the gift of a new postulant. Here is a starter list of reasons why the day was so fitting for Sarah’s reception of the Insignia of St. Francis (symbol of the hand of Jesus and St. Francis forming a TAU cross).

  • Epiphany Morning Prayer Antiphon

“Today the Bridegroom claims his bride the Church, since Franciscan Postulant to be Sarah and her mother arriveChrist has washed her sins away in the Jordan’s waters; the Magi hasten with their gifts to the royal wedding; and the wedding guests rejoice, for Christ has changed water into wine.”

The  whole Church and every Christian, each in our own way, are called to be a sign of the coming Kingdom and to witness to the incarnational presence of the Word in the world. (Sounds like Lumen Gentium?!) Consecrated life is one way to live a life manifesting the reality of the Kingdom to come and the Kingdom already present in the Church. The Feast of the Epiphany is a great day to take a step closer in following what one believes is God’s call for one’s life here and now.

  • Francis and Incarnation

Francis following the starSt. Francis was deeply moved because of God’s limitless love and total self-emptying in the birth of Christ. He was inspired to keep the Christmas Season alive in an extraordinary way by encouraging depictions of the nativity.

That a ‘beginner Franciscan’ would be invited to journey further into the Gospel life at this time seems quite right. This painting by our own Sister Victoria shows St. Francis following the star. Picture Sarah next to the poor man of Assisi. Sarah is also following the star-JESUS!

  • Epiphany celebrates a REVELATION

Epiphany throughout the centuries celebrated four different events: the Baptism of the Lord; Christ’s first miracle, the changing of water into wine at the wedding in Cana; the Nativity of Christ; and the visitation of the Wise Men or Magi. Each of these is a powerful revelation of God to us.Franciscan Postulant Sarah

Today we celebrate the fact that Sarah, other young women and all of us continue to have our own revelations from God. As a Franciscan community we promise support to our Franciscan Postulant in her continued searchings to do God’s will.  If you are a young woman desiring to live a Gospel life, consider inviting us to journey with you.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few more pictures from today’s ceremony.

  • Please feel free to add your own reasons and greetings to Sarah…

9 thoughts on “Why Epiphany is Perfect Day to Receive Franciscan Postulant”

  1. Joyal Organ says:

    Congratulations, Sarah!

  2. Sr. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Welcome, Sarah! May you always know a home with us! You were in my prayers on the Feast of Epiphany and I couldn’t help but think that the holy travelers were guided by the good and gleaming light of the star, but were also led by good old Herod! We have so many forces vying for the chance to lead us. Let’s stick with the STAR!

  3. S. Carol Ann says:

    Many blessings on you as you journey with our wonderful community. May God continue to bless you with peace and contentment.

  4. sisterjune says:

    God’s blessings on your journey, Sarah.

  5. Kelly Werner says:

    Sarah, welcome to the Community. May The Lord always guide you and keep you close in good times and hard.

  6. Sister Mary Ann says:

    So glad to have you join us as a Postulant Sarah!!!! Count on my continued prayers as we walk this Franciscan journey with Jesus!

  7. Sarah, you will learn so much over the next years and WE will learn from you. Welcome to learning and growing with us.

  8. Yik Keng Chan says:

    Congratulations, Sarah!

  9. Franz Werkmeister says:

    congratulations, sarah!…I dont know much about these postulate things…but that dress is required for sisters??? but not going into a nun???….I am learning a thing like that from my friend that she goes to school at SLC. 🙂

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