Questions and Answers from Franciscan Community Director

by Sister Julie Ann on October 22, 2013

Recently, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie responded to several questions from Herald Times Reporter Media feature editor Benjamin Wideman involving choices in entertainment, what it means to be a religious woman at this time in history,  to questions on faith and family and advice on anyone feeling a call to serve God. Read one of Sister Natalie’s responses here and click on this link to read more of her thoughtful answers.

Any words of advice to people who may be feeling a calling to serve their religious faith? It is very important to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in making a life decision. There are many options from which to choose, making a decision more difficult. Do not be afraid to take a risk and reach beyond one’s comfort zone. There will always be questions and unknowns to deal with. This is where faith and trust in God comes in. For various reasons, sometimes the parents do not want their child to follow a call from God. It is important to pray for parents to be open to the call God is giving their son or daughter.

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie

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3 thoughts on “Questions and Answers from Franciscan Community Director”

  1. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    Good advice from Sister Natalie who has worked many years with novices or other young Sisters.

  2. Sister Carla Riach says:

    Yes, prayer is very important in discerning what God has in mind for our lives. It is helpful to keep a journal to jot down the questions we have and also thoughts that come to us when we are praying. I also find it helpful to share my thoughts and questions with someone else. Just saying things out loud can clarify things. Getting to know persons living religious life is also a way to wade through our questions. It’s a journey of faith full of adventure.

  3. Sister Carla, I appreciate your phrase, “Its a journey of faith full of adventure.” There is certainly nothing boring or stagnant is living religious life. It is so full of people, service, prayer, worship and learning that “adventure” captures the life very well. Thanks for your sharing on how to “wade through the questions”.

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