# 12 How Do You Meet a Franciscan Sister: Praying for Peace in Syria and the World

by Sister Julie Ann on September 9, 2013

Pope Francis’ invitation to pray, fast and do penance for peace in Syria was taken seriously on September 7,  2013. On the vigil of Our Blessed Mother Mary’s birthday, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity joined others who put into action the Holy Father’s request in personal and communal ways.

St.-Francis-Xavier-Cathedral-Prayer-for-Peace-in-SyriaTo meet a Franciscan Sister praying for peace is what a follower of Francis is called to do every day.  St. Bonaventure said of St. Francis: At the beginning and end of every sermon he (Francis) announced peace; in every greeting he wished for peace; in every contemplation he sighed for ecstatic peace…”

Responding to Pope Francis’ particular September 7th invitation,  the Diocese of Green Bay announced a special evening gathering at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity joined families, young adults, priests, parish leaders, Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross, Franciscan Friars of the Assumption BVM Province, etc, in praying for peace in Syria, the Middle East and throughout the world. All of us were  encouraged to look beyond ourselves and our own needs, and thus sent to “go, proclaim peace” in our very lives.

5 thoughts on “# 12 How Do You Meet a Franciscan Sister: Praying for Peace in Syria and the World”

  1. I just read a great quote today attributed to Mother Teresa:”What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” We can all do this small act… which will make homes, cities, countries of peace.

  2. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    Because many Sisters, Churches and other groups have joined in Pope Francis`request for peace in Syria, we trust God will hear our prayer. I believe that prayer and trusting God will improve the situation in Syria.

  3. Sister Kathleen says:

    Pope Francis’ example in leading us all to pray and fast for peace was so powerful and inspiring. I believe that the current developments toward peace are a result of God’s hand at work to create peace!

  4. Sr. Delores says:

    Last night, I started a class on Choosing Compassion: the paradox of power. The only influence we can have on others, is if we act out of love, out of care. Prayer will lead us in what we need to do.

  5. Sister Mary Ann says:

    The presence of so many others at this prayer and knowing that we are united with people praying all around the world is a humbling, hope-filled and peaceful reality, difficult to put into words; going beyond oneself for the care and protection of others.

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