How Franciscan Sisters Begin Community Chapter 2013

by fscc on June 18, 2013

Following two years of intense community wide Chapter preparation, a Quasi chapter, and six months of prayer, the time had finally come for Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Chapter 2013. Delegates and fellow Sisters arrived from missions near and far. All arrived with hearts that have listened to the Spirit and to their fellow Sisters.

Franciscan-Chapter-CapitularsThe social planned for Friday night was canceled due to the death of Sr. Muriel. Instead, Sisters gathered in community for her wake. Sr.  Louise’s talk captured Sr. Muriel’s spirit of joy and charity. She modeled the Chapter theme “Living the Gospel and Serving God’s People.”

Franciscan-Community-Chapter-StaffSaturday, June 16th found the staff members of the Chapter in the gym for some pre-chapter training for their assigned tasks. The planning committee had all things well-organized and ready for Chapter 2013 to begin.

To continue reading about our first days of Chapter click here June 17 Chapter Newsletter

Read Sister Louise’s Chapter  ADDRESS FOR OPENING OF CHAPTER 2013

Sister Ellen Pachmayer, Sister Jan Villemure and Sister Monica Martin are serving as Chapter News Reporters.

4 thoughts on “How Franciscan Sisters Begin Community Chapter 2013”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    The spirit here at the Motherhouse is filled with energy, prayer, conversations, service, and gratitude! It is a blessing to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity!

  2. I agree with Sister Mary Ann. The cool weather has also brought out more sweaters! It is evident that the community is praying near and far for this gathering. The suffering offered up by some of our members is also a felt gift of grace from God.

  3. Thanks to our news reporters who provide material for us to not only review the day’s blessings but also to share with friends who are interested in our chapter. The good wishes and promises of prayer from family and friends is a great support to all of us sharing this experience.

  4. Kelly Christine says:

    I pray the Chapter is going well and that the presence of the Holy Spirit is felt among all. Much love and prayer, Kelly Christine.

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