Franciscan World Youth Day Invite: Brazilian Composer José Mauricio Nunes Garcia

by Sister Julie Ann on June 1, 2013

Are you ready to pilgrimage to Brazil? Although many are making travel plans, some of us may need to rely on a spiritual communion with those meeting Pope Francis and other pilgrims. No matter how you experience this Church moment, you can anticipate World Youth Day with Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity by enjoying Instituto Musica Brasilis, founded in 2009 by Dr. Rosana Lanzelotte, harpsichordist, researcher and PhD in Computer Science.

Franciscan-Discernment-Retreat-WalkOur goal whether you are able to attend World Youth Day in person or in spirit is to acquaint you with the wonder and beauty of Brazilian music and culture. This Brazilian website’s main goal is to make available Brazilian music scores, inaccessible nowadays due to the lack of paper editions.

To begin this experience click here for Instituto Musica Brazilis Website.

More About Instituto Musica Brazilis

More than 1000 scores by  Brazilian composers are available, among which all the 218 piano works by Ernesto Nazareth, more than 40 works by José Maurício Nunes Garcia – the main composer of the beginning of the XIXth century – and 20 works by Alberto Nepomuceno – the composer that introduced the musical nationalism in Brasil. When it is the case, all the instrument parts are also available.

MusicabrazilisThe new website provides for searching repertoire by instrumentation, genre and period, and will include the works by more than 300 composers, both classical and popular.

Musica Brasilis is the web representative of traditional publishers, such as Irmãos Vitale and Academia Brasileira de Música.  It is also representing important Brazilian composer, among which Edmundo Villani-Cortes, Jocy de Oliveira and Raul do Valle.

From 2012 on, teaching music has been made mandatory in all Brazilian schools. More than 32 million children will be taught music somehow. Instituto Musica Brasilis is working in contributing to this goal by providing didactic material about instruments, composers and genres, including interactives games.

Jose-Mauricio-Nunes-GarciaJosé Mauricio Nunes Garcia

In the next weeks we will highlight videos-a different video each week. We begin with José
Mauricio Nunes Garcia: Tota Pulchra es Maria, Missa

Click here to hear and learn more about José Mauricio Nunes Garcia. A devoted priest, this music is classically liturgical.

Considered the most important Brazilian composer of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, distinguished by extensive work of great quality. With the arrival of the Portuguese court in 1808, surprising D. John with his talent, to the point of being appointed Master of the Royal Chapel.

Considerado o mais importante compositor brasileiro do fim do século XVIII e início do XIX, destaca-se pela vasta obra de grande qualidade. Com a chegada da corte portuguesa em 1808, surpreende D. João com seu talento, a ponto de ter sido nomeado Mestre da Real Capela.

3 thoughts on “Franciscan World Youth Day Invite: Brazilian Composer José Mauricio Nunes Garcia”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    The orchestra performing the Kyrie Eleison has a wondrous joyful rendition of what is sometimes a more serious sound! It is quite uplifting to listen to! Thanks so much to the Instituto Musica Brasilis for being part of our preparation for World Youth Day!

  2. S. Regina Rose says:

    Listened to several of Garcia’s compositions and they are truly beautiful masterpieces! His music stirs the soul with ease, taking the listener from sorrow and sadness to triumph and glory. I can see why he is considered one of the most important composers in Brazil! Great! Looking forward to hearing from more artists and am excited to investigate the Instituto website a little more!

  3. Sister Kathleen says:

    It always amazes me–the truth in the statement “music is the universal language”. I do not speak or understand Spanish, but the voices of the instruments and vocalists speak with such passion, devotion and awe that one can’t help but be drawn into the holiness of their message. The peace one finds in true beauty is a gift God gives in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this “voice” of God with us all!

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