Franciscans Support Pro Life Walk at Milwaukee Cathedral

by Sister Julie Ann on March 26, 2013

All it took was an invitation for a Friday Pro-life Rosary Walk in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from Secular Franciscan Kurt Keidl (initials OFS) and other members of the St. Josaphat Fraternity for Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity to show up at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral. Aside from having an issue with a street snow bank while de-vanning (kind of like deplaning!), Sister Elizabeth Ann Miller, Sister Sarah Bertler, Sister Myra Jean Sweigart, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan eventually linked up with some of the young women that call this diocese home that we have gotten to know at one of our Vocation Discernment Retreats or Camp Franciscan. Father Joachim Studwell, OFM, Assumption BVM Province of Friars Minor, one of our favorite Franciscan brothers, also came on the invitation of one of these young women. Other OFS fraternities and Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi were also present in  the crowd.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee Seminarian Andrew Linn was the prayer leader and organizer. He invited Bishop Donald Hying, priests, other seminarians and all others to light candles and process to Women’s Care Center while reciting the rosary. Although there a chill in the air, a unity warmed everyone listening to some of the seminarians’ Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary reflections, and responding in familiar prayers and traditional Catholic hymns. Andrew’s strong, melodious singing voice was also heard leading the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the parking lot of the Women’s Care Center.

Sharon Hudy, Director of the Women’s Care Center, not only welcomed all of us for a tour of this haven that helps women before, during and after pregnancy, but she used the moment to share its mission to help women have healthy babies and create self-supporting families through practical educational programs.

It was an evening to remember, a kind of canticle of praise for all of creation…LIFE!. Adding a special sense of awe and mystery was ‘Brother Fire through whom You light the night and he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong’.

Click here for more photos on St. Josaphat Secular Fraternity website. Click here for their facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Franciscans Support Pro Life Walk at Milwaukee Cathedral”

  1. I was pleased that Franciscans for Life had representation from several Secular Franciscan fraternities, the OFM friars, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi (Lake Drive Franciscans) and had additional responses from several people who joined us in spirit and prayer that night but could not be physically present, including the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in Stevens Point. It was awesome to see Franciscans from various communities gathered together in solidarity with the marginalized, powerless and the outcast, and to promote
    a greater respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life. I was also impressed by the large number of people, notably the youth, who attended. The fact that our seminarians planned the event is a sign to me of great hope for the future of our Church. Bishop Hying is to be commended for his work among our young people and for his courageous support of human life. I wish more people were aware of the great variety of services that the Women’s Care Center offers to women in need. – Kurt Keidl, OFS

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    This was a very moving, prayerful evening! It is especially poignant during this Holy Week to witness to God’s LIFE in each other, in the most vulnerable, in the poor, in those who struggle and suffer. Jesus came to bring us LIFE! May we continue to be lights of how to reverence and treasure this gift of His life with us!

  3. smaryfrances says:

    Thank you to all who participated in this LIFE experience!

  4. Thanks again, Kurt, for the invitation to join you and the St. Josaphat Fraternity! What a moving experience of our corporate witness to Christ and deep respect for the sacredness and dignity of the human person. Peace and all good this Holy Week and always!

  5. Thank you, Franciscans of every variety, for your witness to LIFE. I did join you in spirit from Oshkosh!

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