When a Postulant and Novice Witness to Lumen Christi Confirmation Candidates

by Sister Julie Ann on February 26, 2013

On February 24, 2013 at the invitation of Heather Rumple, Director of Youth Ministry at Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Lumen Christi Parish, Mequon, WI, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novice Sister Regina Rose and Postulant Rexann entertained questions and presented on the call to religious life to Confirmation candidates. Curious about the details of the evening’s happenings? Sister Regina Rose and Rexann agreed to tell their side of the story.

Knowing exactly what to say to a group of 180 junior high/high school students is always a bit of a mystery but there is something to be said for making the effort! Rexann and I (Sister Regina Rose) had the opportunity to share our vocation stories with the confirmandee of Lumen Christi Parish in Mequon (Thiensville) on Sunday night, Feb. 24th. We were joined in this by a young married couple as well as a priest who also shared his own experiences. 

The night was full of wonderful insights on of topics such as discernment, recognizing and accepting your Baptismal call,  prayer, chastity, openness to the call of God and being fearless in answering that call. The youth were surprisingly attentive and had an array of questions along with some parents/chaperones! I felt that it was really a great opportunity for God to touch a heart or two and I am convinced that, even if only one of the students responds, it was well worth it! I am equally convinced that many of the parents will be better equipped to support their children in the discernment of their vocations as a result of the evening. In a time that is often ruled by fear of the unknown, it was a blessing for myself and the other speakers as well, I am sure, to be able to share how God is moving and working in our lives and to encourage our youth to be steadfast and strong in seeking the will of God. -Sister Regina Rose


The youth and adults at Lumen Christi were most generous in allowing us to share our vocation story with them. As I stood in front of some 180 young adults, I questioned myself and my ability to convey how important their relationship to God is to them. I thought how can I compete with face book, twitter, the latest Cover girl,or reality T.V. show for their attention.

I decided all I could offer was my story. I simply shared how God has been present in my life since I was their age. I tried to stress that our expectation is not that everyone be a priest or religious, but that when discerning a life plan that they allow God to be there director and that they look to the Gospel for a map. I stressed that society needs good Christians that know “what would Jesus do”. – Rexann



2 thoughts on “When a Postulant and Novice Witness to Lumen Christi Confirmation Candidates”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Thanks so very much Sister Regina Rose and Rexann for sharing yourselves with the Lumen Cristi Youth along with the young women who came for the Vocation Discernment Retreat last weekend! You are both remarkable faith filled young women who are a blessing for us and all you come in contact with! It is a joy sharing the Vocation ministry with you! Know of my grateful prayers!

  2. Thanks, Sister Mary Ann. We learned from the best!

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