Weekend Experience Renews Postulant, Novice and Temporary Professed

by Sister Julie Ann on February 20, 2013

It happens every year around this time. A special weekend is planned calling together all those in the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Initial Formation whether postulant, novice or temporary professed Sister.

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, Sister Pamela Catherine boarded a plane in Phoenix. Sister Monica flew into Green Bay from Hawaii. Sister Regina Rose and Rexann walked from different corners of the Motherhouse to circle round the table in St. Al homeroom. Formation Co-ordinator Sister Mariadele Jacobs and Directresses Sister Natalie Binversie and Sister Elaine Turba planned the experience including Motherhouse Chaplain, Franciscan Friar of the Assumption Province Father Placid Stroik. Father was the weekend presenter of talks and presider at a special Saturday Eucharistic  liturgy in St. Francis Chapel. His words were rich in symbolism and practical in insights about the consecrated life. One of his sources was Father Timothy Radcliff’s Sing a New Song: The Christian Vocation.

When asked what inspirations, appreciations, what struck you, what you especially liked, etc. about the Initial Formation Weekend ,  those directly involved had this to say…

I am most thankful for a special time of renewal to gather strength for the journey. Father Placid’s guidance and reflection on the gardens, swamps, and alligators in certain geographical areas encouraged me to do some self-introspection with the Holy Spirit. I thought of my own spiritual gardens, swamps and obstacles that sometime keep me from seeing God’s greater plan. With renewed vigor in using the Gospels as my compass and my eyes on the North Star (Jesus), I was encouraged to embrace the Paschal Mystery and continue to say ‘yes’ to the dying and rising I experience in my own life. Finding that I am not alone and indeed have genuine companions on the journey is always reassurance. -Rexann

I found it rejuvenating. I loved the commentary on our identity being in Christ’s alone. So it is for everyone, but as Sisters, we are “called to be” an eschatological sign of this reality. -Sister Monica

This weekend has truly been a blessing. It was wonderful to visit with so many Sisters, to reconnect with those in initial formation and to share in the wisdom and insights of Father Placid. It has been a time for me to redirect my compass towards the North Star and to share in much joy and laughter with all those in formation! Thank you, Father Placid and Sisters for a beautiful weekend. -Sister Pamela Catherine

The weekend was very good. Father Placid did a wonderful job addressing current issues in relation to our life as religious. As ever, there was only not enough time to hear more and ask more questions:)! I thought the segments on identity being found in the “rainforest” were important, though there were many great insights! -Sister Regina Rose


5 thoughts on “Weekend Experience Renews Postulant, Novice and Temporary Professed”

  1. Sister Elaine says:

    Keeping one’s eyes fixed on God will lead us through the various gardens in our life…the Garden of Eden where communication might fail, Gethsemane as agonies in life may seem overwhelming, and the Holy Sepulcer with the empty tomb because the resurrected Jesus is with us. Wherever I am on my journey of life, if I keep my eyes fixed on God as my Compass, I cannot go wrong. I may experience twists and turns, but all will lead me to God. I am never alone.

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It was so good to see you all! I’m glad that the weekend was such a blessing for each of you! Fr. Placid is a wonderful spiritual guide!

  3. Susan Martin says:

    It warms my heart to see my daughter embracing the Franciscan way of life. I love seeing familiar friends in the photo, together at the Motherhouse. I love you, Kara!

  4. Susan, it is wonderful to know you are with us in person, with us through your comments here or with us in spirit always! Are you still looking to visit in Hawaii?! If and when you do, I pray Sister Monica blogs about the experience on Habitually Speaking!!!

  5. smaryfrances says:

    I am glad that i was able to say hi to the Sisters from the west……before I went north for the weekend. Sounds like you had a great weekend! May God continue to bless you as you seek His will in your life.

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