Franciscan Sister Named Elizabeth Ann Seton Recipient

by Sister Elena on February 2, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are pleased to announce that Sister Martha Mary Carpenter, St. Peter Mission School, Bapchule, AZ, principal, was awarded the Diocese of Phoenix Elizabeth Ann Seton Award at a recent Catholic Schools Week Eucharistic celebration. This was a touching surprise that brought tears of joy!

Bishop Thomas Olmsted recognized Sister for her tremendous years of service to the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools, and her many years of dedication and service to the poor children of God. It was especially touching that Sister Martha received this honor during the school year that St. Kateri Tekakwitha was canonized.

All of us presently serving with her at St. Peter Mission, Sister Thereselle Arruda, Sister Carol Mathe, Sister Barbara Jean Butler, Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel and Sister Elena Gonzales, applauded her at the liturgy along with some of our school’s current students. The Lord bless you Sister Martha! All you saints of God, intercede for us that prayerful, sincere, joyful young women may answer the call to be Franciscan Sister teachers!

17 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Named Elizabeth Ann Seton Recipient”

  1. Yes, the Lord bless you, Sister Martha! My prayer for you and for us is that your priceless dedication as teacher and principal may indeed inspire someone(or more!) reading this post to respond to a call to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. The world needs you. God calls you. We invite you!

  2. Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary, and all who serve in Bapchule since we know no accomplishment is solitary! You optimistic, generous and humorous spirit have always been a gift to me both in formation and when we meet at community gatherings. God bless you and those you serve!

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    How wonderful Sister Martha Mary!!! Your joy is so tangible your students continue to spread it because of how you share God with them! Continued grateful prayers for you!

  4. Sister Adrianna says:

    Congratulations Sister Martha Mary – a much deserved award. So much of what you and the Sisters do is unseen that it is good that at times YOU are seen and recognized.
    Sister Adrianna

  5. Sister Elaine says:

    Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary! What an honor! And what a surprise for you! I am so happy you were the recipient of the Elizabeth Ann Seton award. You are so deserving of an award that recognizes all that you have done in education. Continued blessings on you as you serve the people of God at St. Peter Indian Mission.

  6. sister renee mirkes says:

    What a wonderful work God has accomplished in and through you, all poured out to give life and love to those you teach and serve! All of us, members of the Christ’s body, are honored by your award, share your joy, and are inspired by your dedication. Pax et bonum.

  7. Sister Louise says:

    Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary. We are very proud
    of you and happy that your dedication to our education ministry is recognized
    publically. Continued blessings on you and your work in education. I’m sure
    your students are proud of you, too.

  8. Carol Ann Gambsky says:

    God bless you Sister Martha Mary! You are very derserving of this special awar. You bring honor and blessing to yourself, the people you serve and to our entire congregation. Thanks for your selfless dedication. With prayers.
    Sister Carol Ann Gambsky

  9. Carol Ann Gambsky says:

    God bless you Sister Martha Mary! You are very derserving of this special award. You bring honor and blessing to yourself, the people you serve and to our entire congregation. Thanks for your selfless dedication. With prayers.

    Sister Carol Ann Gambsky

  10. Sister Martha says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words. I have to have a ‘footnote’ to this special award….it is only because of the strength, grace and support of our Community that we are able to serve and to bring the healing and loving gentleness of Jesus to others. Our Arizona Cardinals have a great slogan, “We do this together!” and that pretty much defines what we do! Community creates, inspires, lessens fear, increases JOY and makes Jesus present. Community also surprises and affirms!
    Thank you Desert Sisters and WINTER Sisters and ISLAND Sisters for being COMMUNITY…so we are hear His voice to joyfully serve!

  11. Sr. Pat Sevcik says:

    Congratulations Sister Martha Mary! You have put your heart and soul into all that you do as a Principal. You are a wonderful example of service to all in your ministry and in your life in Community. God bless you and keep you!

  12. Sister Linda says:

    Congratulations Sister Martha Mary.What an honor to recieve. May you be blessed for all you do for the mission and the children at Bapchule.

  13. Sister Jan says:

    Sister Martha Mary,

    On my many visits with you sisters and overnights at the Mission, I saw a true Servant Leader in action in you. It was always great to share life with you and the Sisters at St. Peter’s. You truly live what we teach our teachers and administrators here at our college back in WI. I wish the teachers we teach could all take a field trip to see you and the school. You have helped it grow leaps and bounds from the tiny desert mission of the early years. This is the kind of dedication we Franciscans want to pass on to the next generation. God bless.

  14. Sister Carla says:

    Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary! It’s a joy for all of us when one of our sisters is honored. You have earned this award many times over. Thank you for your loving, self-sacrificing service.

  15. Sister Natalie says:

    Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary! The Elizabeth Ann Seton Award is well deserved by you and a tribute to all the lives you touch as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. Thank you for the dedication to the ministry to Catholic Education and spreading the message of the
    Gospel. As you live, it is not only your award. It is also an award for all who have been and are a part of your life.Thank you! God continues to bless you!

  16. Sr. Delores says:

    Congratulations, Sr. Martha Mary! You are a great servant of the Lord. May He lead you daily in ministry. We are blessed because of you.

  17. Gail Miller Albers (Paulagene) says:

    Congratulations, Sister Martha Mary! You are an inspiration! An old friend from way back..

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