Franciscan World Youth Day Music: Light for Everything (New) by Márcio Falchet

by Sister Julie Ann on January 1, 2013

As Pope Benedict XVI’s invites young adults to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for World Youth Day in this new year, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight Brazilian performer Márcio Falchet in Light for Everything (New) as our January 2013 Song of the Month.

As you delight in this music, St. Bonaventure’s words encourage us all to begin now a pilgrimage of the heart: “You soul devoted to God, whoever you are, run with living desire to this Fountain of life and light and with the innermost power of your heart cry out to him: ‘O inaccessible beauty of the most high God and the pure brightness of the eternal light, life vivifying all life, light illuming every light…'”

Watch for more collaboration with Brazilian musicians in the months ahead as we orchestrate the WYD theme: Go and Make Disciples of all Nations, Mt 28:19.

Comment from Márcio Falchet

“Light For Everything” is a song about the way of Light. Always keep in your mind: positivism, positive thoughts, Keep the faith! Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, Keep the faith! God has a sentence to you: happiness! The way of Light, the way to happiness is inside you.

In Portuguese:

“Light For Everything” é uma canção sobre o caminho da luz. Tenha sempre em sua mente o positivismo, pensamentos positivos, mantenha a fé! Acredite em si mesmo, acredite em seus sonhos, mantenha a fé. Deus tem uma sentença para você: A felicidade! O caminho da luz, o caminho da felicidade está dentro de você.

About Márcio Falchet

Márcio Falchet is a guitar player, violonist, solo artist, musical producer, arrangement musician, composer, instrumentist, and teacher for more than 10 years, etc. Click here to read more.



23 thoughts on “Franciscan World Youth Day Music: Light for Everything (New) by Márcio Falchet”

  1. And rising says:

    “God has a sentence for you: Happiness.” Yes, a new ‘legal’ sentence and a simple message: Happiness. we are no longer under the burden and sentence of the old law, but now free in the new life of Christ.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. May our risen Lord-who desires your happiness freely and completely- bless you!

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Following the Light of Jesus in an energtic, hopefilled journey inspires me as I listen to Marcio! Thanks so much for this wonderful arrangement!

  4. Sr. Joellen says:

    I enjoyed it.

  5. Sheldon J. Disher says:

    very good I could listen to it a thousand times and it still wouldn’t get old

  6. Nick Fischer says:

    great video, can’t for more

  7. Nick Fischer says:

    can’t wait for more

  8. Sister Monica says:

    I enjoyed this song. It reminds me of John 8:12: Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows
    me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

  9. Thanks for taking a moment to comment. We agree with you that Marcio’s music is one of those tunes you listen to more than once! Peace and all good!

  10. Hannah Kreikemeier says:

    That was a great choice for song of the month! Can’t wait for more!

  11. Kobe Slaughter says:

    great song

  12. Katie Watson says:

    Great song! I loved it!!!:)

  13. Tessa Simonsen says:

    Great song!

  14. Lisa Gatzemeyer says:

    wonderful song for the month

  15. Emily Reeson says:

    Great inspirational song!

  16. Grace Neiman says:

    Really good song 🙂

  17. Blake Guenther says:

    Great song! i loved it

  18. Makayla Tomka says:

    Fantastic song!

  19. Mitch Hass says:

    Great song! I listened to it twice because it was such a good song!

  20. Andrew Guenther says:

    A really great song! Love his guitar!

  21. Listening to this guitar playing twice, great, fantastic are quite the affirming messages.Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment. It means much to Marcio and us!

  22. Jamie Plagge says:

    Great Song

  23. josue antonio says:


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