Catholic Schools Week: A Science Sister Teacher Muses

by Sister Teresa Clare on January 27, 2013

Catholic School Week deserves a Franciscanized post. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity would like to highlight the development of faith that is encouraged by the presence of a teacher in the lives of children. We share a poem by our own Sister Teresa Clare Scharinger entitled A Science Teacher Muses.” Sister Elena Gonzales shares photos.

A Science Teacher Muses


Of what worth to know the orbits

Of every satellite and star,

Its speed or light-year-distances,

And not know Who You are?


Why probe the deep with bathysphere

With rockers soar above,

And care nothing of the height and depth

Of Your Redeeming Love?


Why map out DNA in genes,

Balance molecules and heat,

And never find the trysting place

Where God and souls may meet?


Studying vacuums and siphons,

But not how empty life can be,

Without a prism called “Our Lady

To refract Your love to me.


Why count and trap sound frequencies

Pulsating through the air,

Yet fail to “catch” Your will for me

And transmit it back as prayer.


Understand with ease induction coils,

Transformer, emfs, and dynamos

Yet brush the “Eucharistic field”

Without Faith set all aglow.


And how contemplate in seed or egg

Life — in water or on land,

Without a surge of confidence –

All rests in Your dear Hand.


My Father, Friend, and Lover,

All nature bows to You.

The more fields man strives to open —

The more he sees of You.


But nature like immersion lense,

Can only probe so far —

And none but You can tell the All

Of Who and What You are.


It’s obvious that Sister Teresa Clare saw the reflection of God in science and in the world that surrounded her. But nature can probe only so far. None but God, can tell the ‘All of Who He is’.

5 thoughts on “Catholic Schools Week: A Science Sister Teacher Muses”

  1. Lois Rizzo says:

    The poem and it interpretation merely letss us know the essence of our priest, sisters, and other religiouswho are present in our Catholic Schools today! Let us pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life! Amen

  2. I appreciate this reflection by Sister Teresa Clare and the pictures by Sister Elena. Catholic Schools add a faith dimension so needed in our world.

  3. Sister Carla says:

    Sister Teresa Clare’s poem is so descriptive of the beauty of creation. How can a person not believe in God when pondering the universe? I believe Catholic Education helps us put everything we learn into proper perspective. Science alone is not enough to fill the deepest hungers of our hearts.

  4. Sister Jan says:

    Sister Teresa Clare lived the love of God as a Franciscan, our Sister, and a Biologist. In this poem she captured the essence of science…all gift from our Creator. She allowed it to lead her to her and her students to God. I feel blessed to have known her and shared her love of teaching Biology.

  5. Therese says:

    Beautiful! Sr. Teresa has captured what I have tried (unsuccessfully it so often seems) to pass on to my biology students.

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