Postulant Reflects on Receiving Insignia of St. Francis

by Postulant Rexann on December 9, 2012

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2012, Postulant Rexann received the insignia of St. Francis and was formally welcomed as a Postulant in our Francsican Sisters of Christian Charity community. Here’s a message that Rexann shared with all of us and we would like to share it with you as well.

Greetings my dear Sisters! It has been a long journey back home. As most of you know in the summer of 2003, I moved back to Raleigh, Mississippi after two years of formation here with you. I was 19 years old. I have spent the years between taking care of my parents and working on my education. I completed a year in a practical nursing program in 2006. I am a licensed practical nurse. I have experience in mental health, med-surgical, emergency room, and my true calling ― geriatrics. During this time I developed relationships with my parents as an adult through which I have been truly blessed.

It was during Advent of last year as the Church prayed, “prepare the way of the Lord,” that I asked God what is my way in this world and where do I belong? I heard that whisper as we all do down from somewhere inside. It said, ” Be still and trust me for I will prepare your way.” Before I knew it I reconnected with our Sisters in Greenwood, MS. Not to my surprise, I quickly found that there was but one thing for me to do. I had to ask to come back. As you see I have been welcomed back in the most warm and loving way. I’d like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you, Sisters.

I can’t put into words my gratitude to all of you for simply being the women you are and answering God’s call. I left here in 2003 with much turmoil in my heart, but you did not abandon me. I received multitudes of cards, letters, and phone calls with encouragement of prayers and support. I carried you in my heart as you gave me much strength to face the challenges in this life. So as someone said recently I “have been seasoned and returned to you.” Before I left this August, I overheard my Dad tell a friend “I only hope she can be a help and blessing to them as she has been to her Mother and me.” Let me end dear Sisters asking you to continue to pray for me as I discern and learn to live and serve among you. 


4 thoughts on “Postulant Reflects on Receiving Insignia of St. Francis”

  1. The joy and support are so obvious in this posting. I join with our community members in congratulating Rexann on this touchstone of her formation journey. Know of continued prayer and support, Rexann.

  2. My day was truely in the hands of God. I was blessed to spend the day in Advent reflection on women of faith from the Blessed Mothers “Yes”, to St. Clare, to former leaders of our order. I completed the day surrounded by many women of faith as I said, “Yes”. I was encouraged as I felt joy and support to continue the journey.

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It is a joy to share this journey of faith with you Rexann and so good to have you here with us as a Postulant! My prayers and love are with you!

  4. Sister jan says:

    You have come home and we are rejoicing.


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