Vocation Discernment Retreatants Take Nothing for the Journey

by Sister Julie Ann on November 12, 2012

During this Year of Faith, it is fitting that a Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Vocation Discernment Retreat focus on Luke 9:3. Why? It was one of the passages St. Francis found direction in his Gospel life. Jesus used these words with his apostles and in turn St. Francis prayed and found this Scripture to be a source of confidence in his relationship with God and joy for him and his followers. We invited our November 9-11, 2012 retreatants to also consider this wisdom: “Take nothing for the journey–no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.”

Participants were to “take nothing for the journey” trusting that what will be needed will be provided. Important to trust born of this Gospel sense is knowing that one is loved and free to choose.

Here’s what the young women especially appreciated about their weekend experience:

  • getting to see and take part in the prayer life of the Sisters
  • music ministry at Holy Family Parish, Brillion, WI; special thanks to Fr. Timothy Brandt and the people of God in this welcoming community
  • learning more about Francis and Clare
  • Postulants’ stories
  • quiet time for prayer
  • getting to know the Postulants, because it was easier to see myself first as a Postulant than as a Sister

Are you called to be a Franciscan Sister? Consider our February 22-24, 2012 Franciscan Vocation Discernment Retreat.

If this time is not convenient for you or you feel called to explore our way of life before this date, please contact us. We will help you connect with other young women pondering if they, too, are called to be consecrated women religious.

7 thoughts on “Vocation Discernment Retreatants Take Nothing for the Journey”

  1. Lydia Bestul says:

    I was very sad today; I miss everyone so much! I can’t wait to come back! (:

  2. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It was a blessing sharing the weekend with these very faith filled, beautiful young women! I so appreciated how each of them shared their joyful spirit with us and the way they walked with each other throughout the weekend! The goodness of our God is evident in our Church!!!

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It was so good to be with YOU Lydia!!! I do look forward to our next encounter as well!!!

  4. Sister Jan says:

    Looks like we have prayer partners lined up: 3 postulants and 3 retreatants all discerning God’s will. I will pray for all of you too.

  5. You’re right Sister, we’re praying for these young women as they discern…and we are thankful for your prayers too!

  6. Sister Monica says:

    We were and are praying for each of you at our mission in Hawaii. I hope to meet you in person someday soon! 🙂

  7. I, too, prayed for each of you and your “guides” during the retreat weekend. May your discernment be guided by God’s gracious Holy Spirit!

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